Kount And Ethoca Collaborate To Tackle E-Commerce Fraud

KountFraud technology provider Kount has partnered with Ethoca, a network for card issuers and merchants to connect and work cooperatively outside the payment network, to help e-Commerce merchants increase transaction acceptance levels and mitigate fraud.

Through the partnership, Kount now offers global merchants Ethoca Alerts as an additional complimentary service. These alerts are designed to catch fraud that has already been confirmed between the card issuing bank and the cardholder. Ethoca sends this data to merchants in the form of alerts that arrive in a matter of hours. Merchants would normally have to wait three to six weeks to receive this information through the chargeback and dispute process.


GameStop Now Accepts Apple Pay

GameStop is rolling out Apple Pay in all of its 4,200+ U.S. stores during March 2015, allowing shoppers to purchase products using their phones and eventually, their smart watches.

“We are excited to make it easier and more convenient for our customers to shop at GameStop,” said Jason Cochran, SVP of U.S. Stores at GameStop. “Providing a positive, memorable customer experience is our top priority. Incorporating the latest in mobile technology, such as Apple Pay, into our stores is another way we are offering customers options to help simplify their purchases.”


Starbucks Expands Mobile Order & Pay To 650 Locations

Following a successful pilot program for Mobile Order & Pay, Starbucks is expanding the service to 650 locations in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. 

Starbucks initially piloted Mobile Order & Pay on Dec. 3, 2014, in Portland, Ore. Using Mobile Order & Pay, consumers can place orders via the Starbucks app and pick up their food and beverages at a selected location. Because the feature is available through the app, it also is integrated with the My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program. 


PayPal Acquires Paydiant

PayPal has acquired mobile payment company Paydiant in an effort to expand its breadth of mobile solutions for retailers. Although terms of the deal have not officially been disclosed, a report from Re/code indicated that the acquisition will cost PayPal up to $280 million.

Paydiant provides mobile wallet and digital coupon services for organizations such as Subway, Harris Teeter and Capital One. The company’s customer list also includes the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), which will release its CurrentC mobile wallet app in 2015.


Mobile Wallet Space Heats Up With Google-Softcard Acquisition Rumors

Alicia head shotLast week, TechCrunch reported that Google was in talks to purchase mobile payment company Softcard, formerly known as Isis Mobile Wallet. Sources “familiar with the matter” said the deal could be worth up to $100 million. 

As of now, both parties are very hush-hush about the whole ordeal. When I reached out to a representative from Softcard to glean some insight, she indicated that the company “does not comment on rumors or speculation.”


Does Apple Pay Have A Trust Problem?

Kim head shotThis holiday, more than half of shoppers said they would be interested in paying for a gift via their mobile device, according to research from Retale. That seems in line with the shift toward shopping on mobile devices and tablets in general. So far, it makes sense.

But what I found intriguing was that shoppers still don’t seem to be embracing Apple Pay. More than half (51%) said they would use PayPal. While this in itself is not surprising — as PayPal has earned the allegiance of many shoppers who want an alternative to credit card, debit card or cash — it shows that it does take a while to build consumer confidence.


56% Of Consumers Want To Pay For Items With Mobile Devices

RR Retale ImageMore than half (56%) of shoppers would be interested in using a mobile device to pay for a gift during the holiday season, according to research from Retale
Even with the release of Apple Pay, 51% of shoppers said they are more likely to use PayPal to complete a purchase, while others said they would use mobile banking apps (21%). Only 10% of respondents said they would use Apple Pay versus all other mobile payment options.

New HP Survey: Mobile Payment Is Priority For 75% Of Retailers

A new study released by HP Atalla and conducted by the Ponemon Institute has outlined new payment system trends and the number of retailers currently using — or planning to use — mobile payments, person-to-person payments and e-wallets.

Results from the Security & Compliance Trends In Innovative Electronic Payments Report indicated that payments completed with mobile devices or phone numbers are the most popular, with 75% of respondents saying their organizations have plans to support them.


McDonald’s Rolls Out Mobile Payment In U.S. Locations

After a successful pilot, fast food giant McDonald’s is rolling out mobile payment technology from Softcard in all U.S. locations. 

McDonald’s customers now can tap and pay for their meals in-restaurant and in the drive-thru lane using the Softcard mobile app. This is the largest deployment of NFC-based mobile commerce in a drive-thru environment, according to an announcement from McDonald’s.  

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