Amazon Enters Mobile Payment Market With Local Register has launched Amazon Local Register, a secure card reader and mobile app designed to allow local businesses to process digital transactions originating from a smartphone or tablet.

Local Register will serve as a direct competitor to mobile payment processors PayPal and Square. Retail customers who sign up for the Local Register before October 31, 2014 will receive an introductory rate of 1.75% per card swipe until January 1, 2016. The Amazon solution’s initial flat rates are less expensive than Square and PayPal, which offer swiped rates at 2.75% and 2.7%, respectively.


LevelUp Launches StartUp Program To Support New Restaurants

Mobile payment solution provider LevelUp has launched a startup program designed to provide new restaurants with tools to enhance their business processes. 

The LevelUp StartUp Program includes:

  • Three months of free payment processing through LevelUp;
  • Complimentary hardware to accept mobile payments;
  • A free email announcing the launch to LevelUp users who live close to the business; and
  • 250 free promotional cards to market the program to consumers.

Take Mobile Commerce Efforts To The Next Level

New predictions from Forrester Research confirm that mobile commerce has reached a tipping point. Total smartphone and tablet transactions in the U.S. are expected to total $114 billion this year, according to the forecast. In addition, 29% of all e-Commerce transactions will be completed on mobile devices.

Retailers are trying to keep pace with today’s cross-channel shoppers by implementing mobile commerce strategies that span across marketing, clienteling and payment.


Restaurants Implement New Mobile Apps From Zuppler And LevelUp

Online food ordering platform Zuppler and mobile payment solution provider LevelUp have collaborated on a series of new apps for restaurants. The mobile apps were designed to help bridge the gap between the online food ordering and mobile payment industries. 

Together, Zuppler and LevelUp serve more than 18,000 restaurants and more than two million customers. Combining mobile payment and online ordering gives customers the opportunity to order and pay for their meals anywhere and at anytime.

Casual restaurants Boloco and Protein Bar have launched apps touting the mobile payment and online ordering technology from Zuppler and LevelUp.


Retailers And The Commerce Convergence

VP Money20 20 head shotWill retailers shape (or be shaped) by the future of payments and commerce?

This is a critical time for retail. Innovation in a variety of industries and technologies are converging to define the future of commerce. Somewhere at the intersection of retail, payments, financial services, mobility, location services, social media, marketing services, data and analytics is the answer to how consumers will shop and pay in the future.


Target, Neiman Marcus Breaches Renew Focus On EMV

FEAT imageThe retail industry is in a state of payment flux. Mobile wallets and mobile POS have been touted as the next wave of payment, promising to make the shopping experience more compelling and memorable for connected consumers.

But following the recent high-profile data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus, mobile innovations are taking a figurative back seat to discussions around payment security — specifically how to prevent future breaches.


Trend Watch: Bringing The Mobile Retailing Experience In-Store With Beacon Technology

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A shifting customer experience with an increasing emphasis on mobile technology has motivated retailers to adopt new solutions that supplement their in-store offerings. A number of retailers have implemented devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, more commonly known as beacons, in their brick-and-mortar locations.

Apple already has rolled out its own beacon technology — called iBeacon— across all of its 254 U.S. stores. Additionally, mobile shopping application provider Shopkick deployed the technology in 100 American Eagle locations and two Macy’s locations.


Four Retailers Use Mobile Payments To Drive Sales And Loyalty

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The payment process is a necessary, but not necessarily sexy, part of retail. 

In a session titled: Mobile Commerce And Mobile Payments — Voice Of The Merchant, four retailers discussed how they are using mobile wallets and apps to drive sales and loyalty. Executives from Jamba Juice, Whole Foods, Miller Sports Properties, which includes Megaplex Theatres, and the Maverik convenience store chain discussed their recent tests of the Isis Mobile Wallet in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area.


Acme, Wendy’s Join Merchant Customer Exchange

Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX)
, a mobile payment solution provider supported by retailers worldwide, has added the Paydiant cloud-based platform to its m-Commerce infrastructure. Additionally, MCX announced its two newest merchant members: grocer Acme Fresh Market and fast food chain Wendy’s

Currently, MCX merchants represent more than 70 brands with 110,000 locations that process more than $1 trillion in payments a year.


Study Shows Increases In Cashless Shopping, Renting Products

Retailers and technology companies regularly conduct and consult consumer research to prepare for tomorrow’s retail challenges. Among current research findings, consumers are shifting to cashless transactions and showing a greater penchant to rent versus buy products.

A survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers found that the majority (62%) carried less than $20 cash on hand, according to the 2014 Future of Retail report from Walker Sands Communications. The study revealed that only one in four had used cash to pay for something in the 24 hours preceding the survey, 43% hadn’t used cash in the last three days and 23% hadn’t paid cash in the past week. In addition, 5% of consumers said they never use cash and will not shop at merchants that only accept cash.

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