Urban Outfitters Pilots Mobile POS From Starmount In U.S. Stores

Beginning in December 2010, Urban Outfitters began a pilot of mobile point-of-sale (POS) from Starmount Systems, for all three of its brands: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People. The pilot will continue until the more than 300 store locations are outfitted with Starmount Engage™ mobile POS units. Two New York City locations will be going live with the solution during February 2010.

“A large percentage of transactions are already taking place using the mobile POS in the Urban Outfitters pilot stores,” stated Jon Pafk, senior director of marketing at Starmount. “There has been a very quick adoption rate by the store associates.”

“Starmount’s solution will deliver a platform to drive efficiency in-store while enabling us to create the differentiated customer experience Urban Outfitters is known for,” noted John Devine, Executive Director of Information Technology, Urban Outfitters, in a press announcement.

During the pilot phase, Urban Outfitters is collecting information to determine the ROI on the rollout including percentage of transactions occurring through the mobile POS and reduction in transaction time. But equally important may be the non-quantifiable improvements such as improved customer experience and better store associate morale.


“We consider the mobile POS to be a mobile selling assistant that helps facilitate associate-to-shopper interaction and the personalization of the shopping experience,” said Pafk. “It is much more than a transaction unit.”

Starmount’s mobile application is initially available on the Apple iPod touch, but the framework can be extended to other mediums such as kiosks and digital signage, according to Starmount.

By Q3 2011 Starmount expects to announce additional retail customers implementing Engage, as well as new features for the solution, reported Pafk.

In other news, in January 2010 Starmount and AisleBuyer announced a collaboration to provide a complete mobile platform for assisted selling and self-checkout. Shoppers will be able to use AisleBuyer’s mobile self-checkout application along with the Starmount Engage solution.

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