Envysion Attains PCI Compliance For Its Managed Video Service


Because its Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) system has direct access to its customers’ PCI compliant networks, Envysion announced this week that it has completed the Level 1 DSS audit to become PCI compliant.

“Our customers have the peace of mind knowing that their managed video services meet these stringent guidelines and that they can pass that confidence on to their customers,” says Rogert Hagens, CTO of Envysion in a recent press statement.


Envysion, with clients including the Chipotle restaurant chain and the Kurani Restaurant Group, says it is the first and only video services firm to become PCI compliant.

A term coined by Envysion and self-defined on Wikipedia, MVaaS is a hosted video services platform based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, eliminating the need for client-initiated software upgrades and version control.

Profits up, expenses down with MVaaS
A four-camera setup costs a typical retailer or restaurant owner $850 in upfront installation costs and $160 for monthly service, according to Matt Steinfort, CEO of Envysion. By being able to view activity in any installed location at any given time during the day, retailers can reduce losses and improve efficiencies.

One store or restaurant could increase profitability 150 to 200 basis points and save approximately $500 per month, Steinfort notes. He adds that store owners can expect an ROI from the Envysion installation in less than three months.

The Kurani Restaurant Group is hoping for this type of return on its recent investment. “We immediately realized how it could help us reduce shrinkage, improve brand consistency and increase our margins,” reports Sultan Kurani, owner of Kurani Restaurant Group, in a recent press announcement. Kurani franchises 120 locations of Baskin Robbins, Dunkin’ Donuts and Pizza Hut in the Southeast U.S., with approximately $75 million in annual revenue. The Envysion system currently is being rolled out to all the 120 locations and Kurani says he expects it to be fully completed by August 2008.

“Even through the initial pilot program, we could immediately see how we could realize a strong ROI from the Envysion system,” Kurani continues, “The reports make it simple and easy to spot discrepancies through its tightly linked POS integration,” Kurani says.

Advanced event search
In July 2008 Envysion announced several new features of the MVaaS system, including event search and filtering that allows users to view and manipulate POS and other data. Other new capabilities include:

•    Advanced reporting and alter capabilities – to create reports and alerts that respond to pre-programmed business rules
•    Video collaboration – to create a video archive that can be accessed via the Internet for training or investigative purposes
•    Multi-channel audio support – being trialed at press time, this feature allows users to have audio along with their video of in-store activities.

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