In Fashion, Acquiring ‘Shop Hoppers’ Must Be A Top Priority

As fashion retailers aim to acquire new consumers, they should narrow their focus to shoppers that have purchased from at least one new retailer in the past year, according to a survey from Criteo.

On average, these “Shop Hoppers” purchased 4.3 product categories in 2016, 44% more than their non-Shop Hopper counterparts. These shoppers also are more fashionable, with more than twice as many Shop Hoppers saying they like to keep abreast of fashion trends.

The top reasons “Shop Hoppers” purchase from a new retailer include:


  • The retailer offered a lower price on a product the shopper was looking for (40%);

  • There was a special offer at the time (35%);

  • The retailer sold brands or products that the shopper couldn’t find elsewhere (25%);

  • The shopper received positive word-of-mouth about this retailer (17%); and

  • The retailer presented products in a way that made the shopper want to purchase them (16%).

Among these consumers, infrequently purchased items represent prime opportunities to attract new customers, according to the survey. Shop Hoppers are 2.6 times more likely to buy special occasion clothing; 2.3 times more likely to buy suits or ties; and they exhibit twice the inclination to buy handbags and swimwear compared to the average consumer. Fashion brands would do well to create more offers and promotions around these item categories.

While keeping an eye on the “Shop Hopper,” fashion brands need to also continue optimizing their mobile presence going into 2017. Slowly but surely, mobile is gaining a greater market share of online sales within the fashion industry. A total of 37% of fashion purchases are now coming from mobile devices, an increase over last year’s 33%, according to the Criteo report.

Shop Hoppers are almost twice as likely to have purchased clothes on several devices during the past year, and are 50% more likely to be smartphone purchasers.



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