Instant Gifting Platform Expands Service to Canada and Europe

SmartGift, which allows gift recipients to virtually “open” their gifts and exchange them for a preferred size, color or a completely different item in the same price range, is expanding into Canada and three major European markets. The SmartGift option is now available through VF Corporation’s Timberland Canada website as well as the UK, France and Germany sites for Pandora.

“As we begin to expand internationally and offer more markets the opportunity to engage with our unique gifting services, SmartGift still aims to achieve our straightforward mission of empowering shoppers and recipients with the perfect gift every time,” said Monika Kochhar, CEO and Co-founder of SmartGift in a statement.

SmartGift plans to continue expanding its brand portfolio and also is developing a dedicated corporate gifting service that will include customization features for small, medium and large organizations. The platform, which received a patent for its technology in June 2020, leverages AI and real-time gifting data to more closely match gift-givers and recipients.




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