84% Of Shoppers Abandon Sites With Complicated Online Checkouts

1RR PCA ImageRetailers struggling with cart abandonment should take one piece of advice regarding their online checkout processes: keep it simple.

As many as 84% of U.S. consumers stated they would abandon their e-Commerce order if presented with complicated or lengthy web forms, according to a survey from PCA Predict.

A faulty checkout or delivery experience can be a death knell for both the individual retail sale and the long term success of the retailer. When asked about their experience with retailers failing to deliver, 95% of shoppers said that they would be unlikely to shop with a retailer again if an order failed to arrive.


The PCA Predict survey also touched on consumer preferences regarding delivery confirmation messaging. While mobile continues to be a larger part of the retail experience, more than three fourths of shoppers still prefer to find out about delivery times via email, for a range of reasons:

  • Only 37% of 18-to-34 year olds in the U.S. want to receive delivery confirmation via a text message;

  • 29% of consumers have given a retailer a fake cell number in the past;

  • 73% of consumers who admitted supplying a fake cell phone number did so because of concerns with privacy; and

  • More than one third of U.S. shoppers would be more likely to share their phone number with a retailer if they made it clear how the information would be used.

The survey recommends that retailers be honest with the consumer and specifically tell them why it would benefit them to provide their phone number. Retailers may be able to use the information to confirm order status or delivery times.

Additionally, PCA Predict suggests that retailers using customers’ personal information for marketing purposes inform customers about this policy, specifically by relaying the benefits of receiving marketing communications such as exclusive offers and potential discounts.




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