Walmart Prepares For A Digital Holiday Season With Online Toy Lab

Walmart is pivoting its toy promotion strategy for an e-Commerce-heavy holiday with the launch of its Walmart Wonder Lab, a site that lets kids unbox and play with toys digitally. The tool will let kids try out the season’s most popular toys without needing to leave their homes.

The experience, which was created in partnership with eko, draws from the retail giant’s Top-Rated by Kids Toy List. The list itself consists of playthings sorted into a number of categories including:

  • From the TV to the Toy Room: Toys with media tie-ins;
  • High-Tech Gadgets: Toys with an emphasis on digital interaction;
  • Interactive Play: Toys focused on stimulating the imagination;
  • Surprise Toys: Toys that offer a fun experience right from unboxing;
  • Energy-Burning Outdoor Toys: Toys designed to get kids physically active; and
  • Screen-Free Indoor Entertainment: Toys without a digital component.

Walmart Wonder Lab toys include direct links to their product pages on Walmart’s web site where parents can place their orders. All items on the list are available for same-day pickup and next-day delivery.




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