REVOLVE Clothing Boosts Conversions With Digital Personalization

Progressive retailers are personalizing their e-Commerce sites to better attract, engage and communicate with hyper-connected omnichannel consumers who are demanding more relevant offers and messages across channels.

Product recommendations that drive cross- and up-sells have been identified as effective personalization methods. According to research from the e-tailing group, approximately 91% of retailers that executed these tactics believed they were effective from an ROI perspective.

REVOLVE Clothing, for example, harnesses e-Commerce personalization as a key way to drive education and engagement, as well as promote thought leadership. Touting more than 600 designers, 20,000 products and 60,000 SKUs, the fashion eTailer partnered with Monetate to provide millions of unique visitors with relevant products and offers more seamlessly, according to Kobie Fuller, CMO of REVOLVE Clothing.


Using product badging, personalized banner ads and targeted product campaigns, REVOLVE has increased conversions by up to 70%. The partnership with Monetate has enabled REVOLVE to test and execute personalization tactics and campaigns “in an agile way,” Fuller said. Moreover, the eTailer no longer has to rely on IT team members for execution.

Balancing Brand Voice And Personalization

A primary goal is to leverage tools and strategies that deliver a personalized shopping experience to every visitor, despite the sheer variety of products and brands available on the REVOLVE web site. Fuller explained in a recent webinar hosted by Monetate.

Consumers also visit the fashion site to learn about new brands and trends. It is  a “tricky balance between delivering a personalized experience based off of data points we have about each of our visitors,” Fuller noted, “and taking a stance as a merchant and showing customers what they should buy.”

To address this ongoing challenge, REVOLVE has created an authoritative merchandising voice that introduces visitors to new brands and trends, but also provides product recommendations that align with past browsing and buying decisions. Today product suggestions generated via Monetate are a core component of all REVOLVE product detail pages, Fuller reported. Integrating this brand element has helped the eTailer increase total conversions by 5%.

“It is our job as retailers to incorporate relevancy into the online experience and offer products our customers want,” Fuller said in a follow-up interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Fashion retailers especially need to balance tailoring their sites for every visitor and still maintaining a compelling yet consistent voice for their brands.”

Product badges also help bring attention to products consumers may not notice. For example, REVOLVE incorporated badges onto site pages for jeans available in petite sizes. Overall, this strategy encouraged a 4% lift in conversions.

Personalization tools from Monetate also empower REVOLVE to execute banner ads on the web site more quickly and efficiently. In one case, ads published on the left and right margins of the home page were targeted to customers who previously purchased items from a specific brand. The campaign helped boost conversions for the brand being promoted by 65%. 

For another campaign, REVOLVE embarked on a significant sales push for Lita shoes by Jeffery Campbell. Banner ads running across the top of the site targeted consumers who previously purchased or viewed images of the shoe design. When consumers clicked on the banner, they were redirected to a robust landing page featuring more information and images of the product. This campaign improved conversions by 70% among the target audience. This strategy confirmed “that we’re able to divert visitors’ attention towards a product we want them to buy,” Fuller noted, “but still do so in a very relevant way.”

While personalizing the e-Commerce site presents a significant opportunity for cross- and up-sells, REVOLVE only executes campaigns and strategies that consumers will see as genuine and on par with the brand.

“It’s not a matter of trying to find the latest gimmick, feature or innovative approach to marketing,” Fuller explained. “The key to success, in my opinion, is developing a phenomenal brand that customers gravitate to, and aligning it with the customer experience. For us, it is about utilizing different types of technology to succeed at both the customer experience and brand mission. Consumers are savvier and starting to recognize whether retailers are using canned algorithms and mass-generated content on their web sites. Personalization is starting to become very transparent, so it’s more important than ever to be genuine.” 

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