Whisbi Brings Physical Shopping Environment Online

SS site only Whisbi ImageA successful omnichannel business empowers shoppers to browse and buy items at any time, anywhere and using any device. More importantly, these retailers ensure consumers have a consistent brand experience, regardless of the channel they’re using.

Whisbi has designed a solution that helps retailers bring elements of the in-store shopping experience to the online world by synchronizing a phone call with online video chat capabilities.

Sales reps can use smart glasses or an Android smartphone camera to showcase products to web visitors and simulate an in-store experience. Retailers can show product recommendations and relevant offers online while the sales rep “co-browses” the web site with consumers.


Additional features include Call-to-Action button integration, customer surveys, social media sharing and a multilingual user interface. Whisbi also includes a tracking and reporting deck, which allows retail executives to better understand customer behaviors and determine which campaigns and tactics drive sales. 

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