VirtuOz Launches Micro-Agents For Extended Intelligence In-Store

The customer experience is a key competitive differentiator in retail, particularly as consumers focus on leveraging a variety of channels to get the e-Commerce best deal. As a result, loyalty and customer relationship management (CRM) have become increasingly critical priorities for retailers.

VirtuOz, Inc., recently launched VirtuOz Micro-Agents, special purpose Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) agents designed to address specific topics that garner repeat customer requests. VirtuOz Micro-Agents offload simple or moderately complex common customer requests or inquiries such as shipping status, password recovery, account registration, order status and feedback/NPS. VirtuOz Micro-Agents also are designed to quickly build a contemporary customer engagement model able to meet the needs of today’s web savvy users. The solution also integrates with CRM, ERP and custom back office applications.


For example, VirtuOz Micro-Agent for Shipping is aimed at addressing shipping related costs and inquiries, which are primary causes of cart abandonment. It is designed to improve the customer experience by offering 24/7 customer support through the shopping and checkout process.

In 2011 alone, VirtuOz agents processed more than 166 million conversations on behalf of its customers, including H&R Block, Michelin, PayPal, SFR and Symantec.

“Whether a company needs a virtual agent for a specific mission; a sales, marketing or support function; or for its entire organization, VirtuOz is the first to offer an entire enterprise suite of IVAs to quickly and efficiently build digital customer relationships that redefine how companies and consumers interact,” said Steve L. Adams, VirtuOz President and CEO.  “We’re confident that companies using VirtuOz Micro-Agents will experience such compelling cost savings and improved customer interactions that they will quickly look to leverage IVAs in other areas in their company.”

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