PinSync Streamlines Venue Optimization To Boost Store Engagement

Progressive retailers seize customer engagement opportunities to initiate positive shopper experiences and cultivate a role in spreading brand awareness. This approach ultimately helps retailers impact consumer mindshare, as well as their bottom lines.

Retailers with multiple brick-and-mortar locations face specific customer engagement challenges, particularly streamlining and clarifying venue location data on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter.  Within these networks, customer-facing inaccuracies, omissions, duplications and other inconsistencies regarding venue locations undermine search, discovery and overall in-store performance.

To help retailers centralize core location data for optimal venue representation on these social sites, MomentFeed released its PinSync venue optimization process in Februrary 2012.  The PinSync platform is designed to help retailers resolve key customer-facing venue issues on social sites, thereby leveraging more opportunities to connect with customers and generate sales. The process centralizes and optimizes a brand’s location data, then synchronizes it with Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter to present a consistent brand experience.


In March 2012, MomentFeed announced that Cinnabon, Inc., saw customer engagement increase by 671% across its 400-plus U.S. locations by leveraging MomentFeed’s PinSync platform, according to a MomentFeed press release. The engagement was measured across Facebook, foursquare and Twitter over an eight-month period.

In the month immediately following Cinnabon’s PinSync implementation, engagement at the point of sale increased by 86% and 43% on Facebook and Foursquare respectively.

“The significant increase in customer engagement from working with MomentFeed exceeded our expectations,” said Rachel Hadley, PR/Corporate Communications Manager for Cinnabon. “By simply optimizing our venues on Facebook and Foursquare and running one campaign, it became clear how many of our customers actually want to engage with our brand. Tapping into that engagement potential clearly represented an opportunity for us – one we are glad we pursued.”

PinSync also optimizes location data for any mobile application built on the Facebook and Foursquare place databases, including Instagram, Foodspotting, LocalMind, Path and Viddy, among others.

By solving the universal venue problem for multi-location retailers, PinSync increases customer engagement with customers who are in-store, in the buying moment. This helps retailers encourage shoppers to share their experiences through social platforms via their smartphones, further increasing brand awareness. Retailers also can segment, communicate with and even reward customers who engage.

Operating with correct venue data makes it easy for customers to know how and where to engage, and is a signal to customers that the retailer is listening.

In Q2 2012 MomentFeed will further tighten PinSync’s integration with Facebook through access to certain APIs. MomentFeed also is planning to synchronize to Factual, a provider of location data, for even broader reach of the actual location record. This enhancement is designed to automate the flagging of new duplicate venues and merge them with the correct official venue.

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