Medallia Launches Social Feedback Solution

More consumers are turning to social networks to share their feedback on products and retail experiences across channels. Increasingly consumers also are taking note of opinions shared by friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and other sites to help make final purchasing decisions.

As a result, user feedback and recommendations are having more impact than advertisements on future retail sales: As many as 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while only 33% trust online ads, according to Nielsen research.

To help today’s retailers better track, analyze and respond to shopper sentiments expressed via social media, Medallia, Inc., a provider of SaaS customer experience management solutions, has launched Social Feedback for Retail. Released in October 2012, the solution is designed to help condense millions of social reviews into actionable insights, providing company employees with the information necessary to respond to customers in a timely fashion. The platform provides retailers with a single dashboard from which to analyze significant posts from Facebook, Twitter and all major review sites.


In addition, Social Feedback for Retail includes a solicited survey mechanism that encourages shoppers to share their opinions of purchases and general perceptions of retail experiences. Scores are calculated and published on the Medallia Social Feedback dashboard and integrated with unsolicited feedback found on social sites. Retailers can tap these metrics to generate a dialogue with customers as well as compare their social scores to competitors, helping them track and manage overall “social rank.” Furthermore, organizations can deliver all relevant feedback and necessary improvements to specific store locations and managers.

With detailed customer feedback available at their fingertips, retailers can address issues more seamlessly, and in turn, maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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