Kohl’s Tailors Pricing And Product Assortment With Oracle

Shopper product choices can vary based on many factors, such as region, weather and demographics. To create more relevant and tailored experiences across channels, Kohl’s recently implemented the Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management solution. 

Oracle Retail solutions have played a key role in Kohl’s multi-step business transformation process. Over time, the retailer has implemented a series of technologies to empower team members to anticipate customer demand, identify new market opportunities, and roll out more relevant and effective products and promotions across all channels.

To optimize operations during ongoing business growth, Kohl’s began an overhaul of its core merchandising, inventory and pricing operations. With Retail Merchandise Operations Management in place, Kohl’s is able to tap into a unified system of record for inventory, allowing the retailer to better serve customers across channels, as well as simplify the business user experience.


After updating its e-Commerce operations with Oracle Commerce in 2013, Kohl’s rolled out the Retail Merchandising System and Retail Price Management solutions to better manage inventory, pricing and promotions for a product line that includes more than one million SKUs. The solutions provide detailed intelligence into how well categories and individual items preform online and across the retailer’s more than 1,100 U.S.-based stores. 

“Oracle Retail has provided our merchants with more visibility to make informed decisions with better data to optimize performance at the item and store level,” said Janet Schalk, EVP and CIO at Kohl’s. “Equally important, the Oracle Retail implementation establishes a foundation for future growth and innovation.”

In an effort to preserve margins as well as clear and refresh inventory online and across all locations, Kohl’s relies on Oracle Retail to manage item pricing on a store-by-store basis and online. The retailer has captured real-time insights since tying Oracle Retail Merchandising with other existing systems, therefore enabling more agile promotions and pricing strategies.   

In the near future, Kohl’s plans to implement Oracle Retail Merchandise Planning and Optimization to better tailor item, style and size variety based on customer preferences. 




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