Juniqe Boosts Revenue 20% With Real-Time Personalization

Running an e-Commerce platform that engages customers individually is crucial to Juniqe, an artist-powered online marketplace for art and design products operating in 13 European countries. The retailer was looking for a user-friendly, customizable solution to help track activity and engage with its customers.

“As with any e-Commerce product, conversion rate was proving to be very crucial for us,” said Sebastian Hasebrink, Founder and Managing Director of Juniqe, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We had to get more rigorous about tracking everything that made that needle move. Being a lean engineering team, we were looking at solutions that could benefit us, preferably with a light involvement by the developers, and yet enable us to run experiments and build features in an agile fashion.”

Juniqe implemented Dynamic Yield, a personalization provider offering a Unified Customer Engagement Platform. This solution helps optimize and personalize customers’ digital experiences in real time. With Dynamic Yield, Juniqe can use a shopper’s on-site behavior to make product recommendations as well as optimize landing pages and content shown on the pages.

“What was most crucial is what we refer to as ‘individualization at scale,’” said Hasebrink. “We sell design and art lifestyle products that — due to pricing — are in the impulse buy range. The products need to appeal to every individual because nobody buys art out of necessity.”


Dynamic Yield allowed Juniqe to create multiple versions of its home page to attract individual customers. The platform enabled the retailer to test different variations of images and home page styles to see which version generated the best engagement.

Juniqe began by testing the personalization features on a select group of site visitors. “When we have an idea to personalize a part of the site experience, we will typically run a test so we can compare the impact of this personalized experience versus a control group,” said Hasebrink. The test group produced an average of 15% to 20% revenue uplift for Juniqe.

Additionally, Juniqe changed various elements of its product page to determine the variation that yields the best ROI. The optimal offering generated an 8% revenue uplift among those visiting the page.

Testing Capabilities Alter Executive Mindset

More streamlined testing capabilities led to additional benefits. “Being able to test anything makes people move away from personal preferences and gut feelings to a ‘We don’t know, let’s test it’ attitude,” said Hasebrink. “That’s the beauty of having Dynamic Yield, because we can choose from a number of banners that all fit our style, are on-brand and very nice to look at. [They] gave us the opportunity to — on autopilot — optimize that based on on-site behavior and traffic sources. Without having to involve developers, we are a lot faster in making changes to our web site.”

Before implementing Dynamic Yield, Juniqe had worked with numerous providers for functions such as A/B testing, event tracking, personalization and product recommendations. Dynamic Yield offered easy-to-use features that anyone on Juniqe’s marketing team can use, all on one platform.

“Usually, third-party solutions either tend to be hard to customize or become challenging to anyone but developers to operate,” said Hasebrink. “What’s needed is a sweet spot where there’s enough room for customization by developers, yet friendly enough for anyone who is not technically sound to operate on his own. This is where Dynamic Yield wins; by providing an intuitive interface for anyone in the company to use and still have complete flexibility for the developers to customize as required.”

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