Hhgregg Taps UserReplay To Resolve Online Customer Experience Issues

To provide the best possible shopping experience, retailers have to gain an understanding of the customer journey. Therefore, retailers must optimize e-Commerce channels by analyzing their site’s performance and adjust accordingly.

hhgregg selected customer experience management provider UserReplay to record the online shopper’s journey and identify problems related to its own e-Commerce experience. UserReplay is designed to replay individual customer sessions so that users can understand customer obstacles, offer valuable insight into the consumer’s e-Commerce experiences and optimize the online channel by identifying, diagnosing and fixing barriers to conversion.

“In the e-Commerce world, if you have an error or a problem, the only indication you typically receive is that the customer doesn’t complete a transaction or doesn’t come back,” said Scott Reasinger, Director of Retail Systems at hhgregg. “Gaining visibility through UserReplay for any situations where a customer had to go back to the billing page twice or the shipping page three times is important because obviously the customers were struggling with something.”


Typically, barriers to an e-Commerce purchase tend to be a mixture of usability issues and technical problems. For instance, a site visitor may be unable to proceed to the next step of their journey, or they may become so confused or frustrated with the process that they won’t want to continue. Events that could sabotage a shopper on an e-Commerce site, for example, may include:

  • Form completion issues;

  • Warning message ambiguity;

  • Stock and inventory availability discrepancies; and

  • Site technical problems.

Prior to UserReplay, hhgregg team members had to speculate on the topics that needed resolving. With the solution now rolled out, the retailer can now address those problems and prioritize issues based on what impacted online revenue the most.

“We knew we were having some problems with customers being able to get through the checkout in as frictionless a way as possible, but back-end server logs and anecdotal references from some call center employees just didn’t give us enough information to pinpoint where problems were,” Reasinger said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “While we knew there was a problem, we couldn’t recreate it, pin it down and eliminate those issues. Adding UserReplay as a tool in our arsenal has given us a lot more visibility to what those problems are, and has allowed us to replicate those problems much faster. If you can replicate a problem, it’s inordinately easier for a developer to address it, fix it and move on.”

Upon implementing UserReplay, the hhgregg team conducts weekly maintenance releases on the web site to check up and fix on any potential problems it might have for consumers. For example, the solution helped the modify the site’s payments page to make it more noticeable if a customer’s card didn’t process during the transaction. The change made the communication of payments-related messages easier for the retailer, and resulted in higher conversions and less customer calls to the call center, according to Reasinger.

Within 24 hours of installing UserReplay, hhgregg members could see information gathered from visitor sessions. Within 48 hours, the team identified events on their site such as cart captures and the amount of time customers were stuck on certain pages.

“The solution takes an extraordinarily short time to implement and you can immediately begin to extract value,” Reasinger said. “Then it just grows. As you spend more time with the tool and you add more events and experiences that you capture, it just gets more robust.”

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