Dot & Bo Quadruples Site Visits With Promoted Pins

Since its official launch in 2010, Pinterest has become a key social network for consumers to collect and share inspiration. Now garnering more than 72 million users, Pinterest has turned into a valuable social network for brands across product categories, allowing them to share aspirational content, engage customers and boost conversions.

For example, Dot & Bo, a guided furniture and home décor shopping service, has embraced Pinterest to share blogs and design ideas with customers. Since implementing Promoted Pins, the brand has quadrupled its total number of site visitors, improved daily clicks to the site by 18,000% and increased re-pins by 6,000%.

“Dot & Bo is a storytelling company,” said Anthony Soohoo, CEO and Co-Founder of Dot & Bo. “Pinterest is a unique platform to help us tell great and inspiring stories. The platform has become an integral part of our overall social strategy because it allows us to show our customers that their aspirational dream rooms are very much attainable. Instead of focusing solely on products themselves, we’re taking those beautiful pieces and empowering pinners to use them to make their dream spaces come to life.”


Dot & Bo has a large and diverse target audience — from twenty-something, tech-savvy consumers to empty nesters seeking to refresh their homes, according to Soohoo. Because of this, the retailer uses organic Pinterest content and Promoted Pins to share “attainable aspiration” that resonates with all design and furniture lovers. This aspiration can come in the form of specific product images, room designs and even brand blog content.

“Our Promoted Pins are also an aspirational element related to our key design categories,” Soohoo said. “Highlighting both furniture and smaller decor pieces, our Promoted Pins showcase how you can achieve a desired look — from Mid-Century Modern to Rustic Farmhouse — with just a couple of key pieces.”

Promoted Pins also help Dot & Bo generate buzz around social contests and promotions. For one recent campaign called “Dot & Bo Dream Room,” pinners were encouraged to add their favorite Dot & Bo products onto a board to create their ideal room design concept. The retailer selected one winner, who received a Dot & Bo gift card.

Driving Inspiration And Collaboration Through The Social Web

Dot & Bo initially embraced Promoted Pins as a vehicle to share its editorial stories and products to a larger user base. Since the company saw such great results while using Pinterest as an organic platform, “we knew that we could better reach design enthusiasts on the platform,” Soohoo said. “The approach we’ve taken is to highlight our top design styles in our Promoted Pins. Our goal is to constantly inspire Pinterest users with design themes that they may have never thought of before, or styles they were interested in but needed some curated guidance to help them complete the look.”

As a result, Promoted Pins have become a valuable part of Dot & Bo’s marketing mix. From a performance standpoint, Promoted Pins have delivered results that on par with other channels.

“Looking forward, we continue to see Promoted Pins as a valuable tool in providing design inspiration and ideas for pinners, as well as for driving traffic to our site,” Soohoo noted. “We plan to experiment with all different types of pins — products, categories, design styles and blog posts — to provide pinners with fresh content and style advice.” 

Dot & Bo also will continue to embrace Pinterest to learn more about target customers and the content they enjoy. This can help the brand further shape and refine its content strategy.

“While we use Pinterest as a platform to share inspiring content with pinners, we’ve discovered that the Pinterest community provides us with valuable information as well,” Soohoo said. “This symbiotic relationship enables us to spot trending design styles and better understand what decor and furnishings are most popular with pinners.”


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