Amazon Appoints Insider as CEO of Worldwide Stores

Amazon Appoints Insider as CEO of Worldwide Stores
Doug Herrington Photo courtesy of Amazon

Amazon has named 17-year company veteran Doug Herrington to the renamed role of CEO of Worldwide Amazon Stores, filling the position left vacant by former CEO of the Worldwide Consumer Dave Clark.

Since 2015, Herrington has served as Amazon’s SVP of the North America Consumer. Herrington joined Amazon as VP of Consumables in 2005, launched Amazon Fresh in 2007 and was promoted to SVP of Consumables in 2014. Prior to joining Amazon, Herrington served as CEO of KeepMedia and VP of Marketing at online grocery retailer Webvan.

Another company veteran, John Felton, will now lead the company’s operations. Felton has worked for nearly 18 years in Amazon’s retail and operations finance leadership. In 2018, he was appointed VP of Global Customer Fulfillment, and in 2019 began leading the company’s newly organized global delivery services, including global import and export, Amazon Logistics and last mile delivery services.

Felton will report to Herrington along with a team including:


• Russ Grandinetti (International Stores);

• Christine Beauchamp (North America Stores);

• Tony Hoggett (Physical Stores);

• Dave Treadwell (eCommerce Foundation);

• Neil Lindsay (Pharmacy, Amazon Care and Healthcare);

• Dharmesh Mehta (Selling Partner Services);

• Peter Larsen (Buy with Prime); and

• Pat Bajari (Chief Economist).

“I remain very optimistic about our Stores business and believe we’re still in the early days of what’s possible,” said Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in a statement. “It’s worth remembering that Amazon currently only represents about 1% of the worldwide retail market segment share, and 85% of that worldwide market segment share still resides in physical stores. If you believe that equation will change over time (which I do), there’s a lot of potential for us as we continue to be laser-focused on providing the best customer experience (broadest selection, low prices, fast and convenient delivery) while working on our cost structure to have the right long-term business.”



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