Yamamay Localizes Product Assortments, Improves Personalization

Yamamay Localizes Product Assortments, Improves Personalization

Yamamay, an Italian lingerie and swimwear retailer, has deployed a suite of Oracle Retail solutions to localize its offerings and boost personalization efforts. The brand, which currently operates 680 stores in Europe and the Middle East, has implemented Oracle Retail Merchandising Financial Planning, Oracle Retail Assortment Planning and Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service solutions.

The retailer’s Project Retail Evolution initiative aims to deliver a faster sell-through of goods, drive more significant insight into customer preferences and help managers adapt to local market demands as the brand continues to add new locations. The solution suite also will improve efficiency by empowering planning teams to create more localized assortments and utilize strategies that more closely match supply and demand.


“In our 2018 consumer research study The New Topography of Retail, we discovered that 72% of European consumers think knowledgeable in-store staff are important to their brand experience,” said Chris James, Vice President of EMEA, Oracle Retail in a statement. “A satisfying brand experience begins with smarter decisions in planning the assortment to executing flawlessly in store.”

Additionally, Yamamay is using Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning and Oracle Retail Assortment Planning in tandem. The financial planning tool helps the retailer strengthen Open to Buy processes and systems, in combination with the assortment planning solution to reduce the number of SKUs per collection while opening new streams in its product collections.

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