Walmart Ownership Enables ModCloth To Re-Focus

Walmart Ownership Enables ModCloth To Re-Focus

Since Walmart acquired ModCloth in 2017, the womenswear retailer has re-focused operations and brand priorities, including:

  • Opening five new stores;
  • Closing on Black Friday to allow employees to focus on family time;
  • Donating $5 million in merchandise to Dress for Success; and
  • Promoting hurricane relief efforts.

Most recently, ModCloth has announced expanded offerings from its Anna Sui partnership. The brand is expanding its size range, adding an eight-piece dress collection in the most expansive size range to date for Sui’s designs, from 0 to 24. Additionally, while ModCloth has carried Anna Sui pieces since 2012, at prices ranging from $499 for a blouse to $755 for a shift dress, this new vintage-inspired collection includes items priced from $150 to $225.

“Historically, Sui’s pieces have been out of reach for our average customer, whether that be due to sizing or price point,” said Nicole Haase, VP and GMM at ModCloth in Glossy. “This collection reflects what we’re focusing on from a branding perspective: inclusivity.”

ModCloth was acquired by Walmart subsidiary for $50 million to $75 million in March 2017, and in June 2018 the retailer announced that it would open five more stores in 2018.

“Walmart has given us the opportunity to take a breath for a second and really focus on what we want to do to amplify our voice,” said Haase. “We’re doing things we never would have been able to do before, which are helping solidify our dedication to our community and doing right by our customer.”

According to an April 2018 ModCloth blog post, the retailer “has always been committed to size inclusivity. We’ve increased our plus-size clothing assortment by 307% in the past four years, and we’re determined to increase that number even more.”

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