Victoria’s Secret Launches Digital Platform Dedicated to Women and Minority-Owned or Led Brands

Victoria’s Secret has launched VS&Co-Lab, a curated digital platform designed to connect shoppers with unique brands and their stories, while bringing their intimates, lifestyle and swimwear products to the forefront. The emphasis will be on brands that align with the retailer’s values of innovation and inclusivity.

The collection will feature 19 brands at launch, with 75% founded, owned or led by women, including minority stake-owned For Love & Lemons and Frankies Bikinis. VS&Co-Lab also is committed to investing further in minority ownership through diverse brands that offer a differentiated view of the marketplace, customer and category.

“As one of the world’s most recognizable companies among women, and with nearly 90% of our store associates worldwide identifying as women, we have a responsibility to ensure women can advance and thrive in every aspect of their lives,” said Patti Cazzato, Head of Emerging Businesses for Victoria’s Secret in a statement. “VS&Co-Lab evens the playing field for unique brands that speak to the modern consumer. Through leveraging the strength of Victoria’s Secret & Co. and our passionate customer base, we are meeting consumers where they are while simultaneously partnering with small business to drive economic empowerment for women and people of color.”

VS&Co-Lab is part of Victoria’s Secret’s effort to build strategic business partnerships, with a focus on inclusive intimates and lifestyle brands, on its own platform. In April 2022 the retailer also launched Happy Nation, a digital-only brand for tweens, as part of this effort. The size-inclusive, gender-free product line is being positioned to create an environment that is safe, inclusive and supportive of all tweens.




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