There Goes the Sun: Warby Parker Offers Free Glasses to Safely View Upcoming Solar Eclipse

U.S. path of the solar eclipse taking place April 8, 2024

The Great North American Solar Eclipse on April 8 will be the last total solar eclipse (when the moon comes between us and the sun) that’s visible from the contiguous U.S. for the next 20 years. Warby Parker is trying to help more people view it safely by offering free ISO-certified solar eclipse glasses at all its stores beginning April 1, while supplies last.

In the U.S., the “path of totality,” where people will be able to view the total eclipse, is a narrow band that runs from southwestern Texas through the Midwest and into northern New England. Within this zone, observers will be able to see the total eclipse, including a view of the sun’s corona, for approximately four minutes.

According to NASA, it’s safe to briefly remove the solar eclipse glasses during the totality, but otherwise it’s dangerous to look directly at the sun (even with sunglasses). And the agency warns that during the totality you may hear crickets, because nocturnal animals are fooled into thinking night has fallen.

For customers not located near a Warby Parker store, the retailer is offering a template for printing a DIY eclipse pinhole projector.


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