Sports Experts Implements Interactive Shoe Wall


Sports Experts, the largest sporting goods retailer in the province of Quebec, has partnered with Orckestra to unveil an omnichannel commerce platform built for an immersive digital in-store experience.

By using RFID technology, the Shoe Wall allows customers to explore product details and offers the autonomy of online shopping with real-time access to information such as in-store availability, without having to locate a store associate. As customers browse the selection of shoes on display, they’re encouraged to place any of them on one of the scanners. That monitor will switch to a product view providing detailed product specs (size, color, variants etc.). Customers can then choose self-checkout with pay and go, or ship-from-store options. 

Conversely, store associates now have access to real-time inventory information, allowing them to interact with and guide customers through their buying journey without leaving to search the back room. 


Orckestra’s Commerce Cloud platform in-store and online activities, including product data and promotional videos, with little to no involvement from IT. Retailers know which pages customers are viewing and which products are being sold online. They also can uncover which products people are viewing and buying in-store. Then they can cross-reference and analyze this data by touch point.



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