R_Evolution Rotating Pop-Up Will Focus On Immersive Experiences

R_Evolution Rotating Pop-Up Will Focus On Immersive Experiences

CS Hudson and International Retail Management and Consulting Group (IRG) are launching an experiential pop-up shop offering shoppers a chance to interact with digitally native, direct-to-consumer and licensed brands. R_Evolution will operate in Long Island, N.Y. from mid-summer through the end of 2019, offering shoppers unique, immersive experiences.

“We are creating R_Evolution with the goal of developing a best-in-class rotating pop-up experience unrivaled by others in the retail industry,” said Joseph Scaretta, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of CS Hudson in a statement.

A physical presence can be valuable even for direct-to-consumer brands: when a retailer opens a store in a market, the web traffic in that market increases by 37%, according to Stephanie Cegielski, Vice President, Public Relations at the International Council of Shopping Centers. A pop-up shop could be a stepping stone for digitally native brands looking to dip their toes into brick-and-mortar retailing.

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