Office Depot Expands Data Warehouse With Teradata

odp StoreFrontOffice Depot is expanding its enterprise data warehouse (EDW) using Teradata platforms and solutions.

Using the Teradata Active EDW, Office Depot will be able to keep pace with growing analytics needs across more than 2,000 stores, its two e-Commerce sites and a business-to-business sales organization.

The Teradata Active EDW is designed to support real-time workloads, allowing numerous concurrent users to run queries against massive data volumes. The EDW also includes solid state drive (SSD)-based flash memory and traditional disk storage so users can receive detailed analyses quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. Combined with Teradata Elastic Performance on Demand, the EDW will allow Office Depot to expand production of analytics resources as needed.


The office supply retailer also is replacing a test and development environment with Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance and Database software, which will provide access to “hot” and “cold” data, so all applications receive the right data at the right time.

“In today’s environment, business and information are increasingly complex,” said Todd Hale, CIO at Office Depot, Inc. “Detailed data integration services and platforms will continue to be central to facilitating our alignment of shared metrics, processes and operational reporting. We expect our Teradata environment and new database capabilities to enhance our analytic insight and business performance at a time when our data volume is growing significantly.”



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