Monetate Launches Dynamic Testing Platform For Marketers

Personalization platform provider Monetate has launched Dynamic Testing, a marketing solution designed to use machine learning to study and measure campaign performance.

Retailers can use the Dynamic Testing platform to focus on the strategy, direction and creative execution of their customer experiences. In particular, marketers can leverage Dynamic Testing to:

  • Make incremental real-time decisions throughout the duration of every test, instead of waiting until the end of a campaign to analyze performance outcomes;


  • Automate the ongoing optimization of campaigns based on what processes work and which don’t; and

  • Implement multiple experiences and automatically allocate traffic to content that may drive high conversion rates.

The platform is designed to open the door for continuous learning and refinement, enabling marketers to capitalize on intelligence gained from in-the-moment customer behaviors.

“Marketers are constantly faced with tough decisions, forcing them to run tests and make choices based on single tests or even gut instinct,” said Adam Godfrey, Senior Digital Marketing and Analytics Specialist for Frontgate. “Developing campaigns based on hope is not an effective strategy. Fortunately with Dynamic Testing, we can build and establish tests along the way, and make constant incremental adjustments based on how each test is running. This has been critical to the evolution of our testing program and we’ve seen extensive benefits as a result.”



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