Marshall Retail Group Invests In Analytics To Streamline Operations


Marshall Retail Group (MGR) has selected solutions provider Aptos to streamline its retail operations. The company will leverage a variety of Aptos products including Merchandising, Audit and Operations Management, Analytics and Warehouse Management.

MRG is a Las Vegas-based, privately held company with more than 1,000 employees, operating in more than 160 locations under 18 brands. Its portfolio includes logo souvenir and sundry shops, and apparel, shoes and accessories boutiques.

“At Marshall Retail Group, we’re fortunate to have prime retail locations with exceptional foot traffic; our goal is to capitalize on this to turn window shoppers into buyers, and buyers into loyal, repeat customers,” said Matt Vonderahe, CFO of Marshall Retail Group in a statement. “Our investment in Aptos Analytics will give us an understanding of key customer and sales trends, while Merchandising and Warehouse Management will help ensure the right product is in the right store location to maximize revenues and profitability by catering to visitor demographics.” 




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