Lands’ End Finds The Secret Sauce To Help Shoppers Discover The Best Fit

Lifestyle brand and retailer Lands’ End has adopted Fit Predictor technology from Secret Sauce Partners, a San Francisco-based startup.

Fit Predictor is designed to help consumers find the best size for their unique body types by using existing data and their shopping history. Shoppers who do not have a shopping record can calculate their measurements based on their sizing with other brands. The technology currently is being used for Lands’ End dresses, skirts, pants, jeans and select knit and woven tops.

More than 3,000 brands across 10 global markets currently use the Fit Predictor technology. Approximately 40 million users interact with the solution each month.


“We’re constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve our customer service — from offering the right merchandise and style to the best fit,” said Edgar Huber, President and CEO of Lands’ End. “Anything that can provide added ease and convenience to our customers’ shopping experience is worth exploring. Plus, finding the perfect fit provides greater confidence in the online shopping process and it improves efficiency for the customer and Lands’ End.”



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