Kroger Adds Plant-Based Meat To Its Private Label Line

Plant-based meats are hitting the grocery mainstream, and Kroger is using this trend to bolster its private label offerings within the Simple Truth Plant Based collection. The supermarket is adding a selection of meatless burger patties, deli slices and sausages as well as plant-based cookie dough, pasta sauces dips and other items to its stores.

Simple Truth, which currently focuses on organic products, was launched in 2013 to harness the growing popularity of both private label and organic products. The portfolio has since achieved annual sales over $2.3 billion and adding meatless options will help Kroger keep up with the newest dining trend.

Kroger’s own research has found that many U.S. consumers, particularly Millennials and women, are embracing a “flexitarian” diet that puts a larger emphasis on vegetables. Additionally, nearly one-third of shoppers are integrating more plant-based foods into their lifestyle while reducing their meat and dairy intake.


“Kroger is at the intersection of plant-based curiosity and culinary innovation,” said Gil Phipps, VP of Our Brands at Kroger during a panel at the Good Food Conference. “Our customers are really open right now to exploring plant-based alternatives, and we’re responding with our new collection.”

The company will roll out new plant-based items every month starting in the fall and into 2020. The Simple Truth Plant Based collection will include a distinct icon to help shoppers locate these particular items both in-store and online.

While Kroger is leading the charge with a plant-based private label line, other food retailers will likely carry meatless products as well. Major manufacturers including Kellogg and Hormel have announced their own product lines, which will give smaller resources a way to get in on the trend as well.



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