Independent Solutions Partners With NCR To Speed Self-Checkout

  • Written by  Samantha Polak

self checkout
Independent Solutions, an Australian POS solution provider owned by Metcash, has partnered with
NCR Corporation to extend NCR point-of-sale (POS) technology to independent retail customers.

As part of the relationship, NCR will deploy more than 100 NCR self-checkout solutions and 150 POS systems to independent retailers across Australia. Independent Solutions POS and Profit-Track technology with NCR POS technology to help reduce wait times. Self-checkout solutions can help retailers reduce wait times by up to 40%, according to internal NCR research. As a result, approximately two thirds of customers believe that stores with self-checkout options provide better customer service.

“We understand the unique challenges and needs of independent retailers to achieve sustainable growth,” said Mike Martyn, GM at Independent Solutions. “By making NCR’s technology solutions available to independent retailers, we can help them grow profitably and provide a highly competitive level of service that allows them to compete effectively with their competitors.”

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