Fairway Market Optimizes Pricing And Promotions With Revionics

  • Written by  Alicia Fiorletta
Fairway Market Optimizes Pricing And Promotions With Revionics

Over the past three years, food retailer Fairway Market has nearly doubled in size. To remain one of the highest grossing businesses in its vertical, Fairway is renewing and expanding its agreement with Revionics.

Fairway Market has extended the Revionics Price Optimization license for three years, and will implement the Revionics Promotion Optimization solution. The retailer implemented the Price Optimization solution more than two years ago to better manage its growth across all product categories, improve individual store profitability and effectively price perishable products.

With the Promotion Optimization solution, Fairway Market will be able to manage promotion performance, forecast the result of different promotional scenarios and deliver the most relevant and compelling offers to shoppers.

“We joined forces with Revionics to support our goals for properly defined category roles, automated price maintenance and price optimization at the individual store level,” said Kevin McDonnell, Co-President and Chief Operating Officer at Fairway Market. “So far we have been pleased with our progress and the results in those areas. We look forward to Revionics’ expanded support of our objectives as we fine tune our promotional strategies.”

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