Eclipse Stores Launches E-Commerce To Fuel Omnichannel Growth

Eclipse Stores
, a women’s apparel and fashion retailer, has launched its first online storefront using the e-Commerce and Order Management solutions from OrderDynamics. The new e-Commerce site was created to help the retailer better support its 68 stores across Canada and start developing its omnichannel strategies.

Using the Retail Order Management System, Eclipse Stores will have full visibility into inventory across all retail stores and distribution centers, so the retailer can route all web orders based on business rules and stock availability.

Dashboards, in-store tools and deep integration with Canada Post fulfillment solutions also allow Eclipse Stores to fulfill web orders where retail outlets are not available, and offers customers the choice of having their order shipped to their home or a nearby Canada Post location.


Since implementing the omnichannel order fulfillment offering, more than 21% of customers chose to have web orders shipped directly to a Canada Post office, according to a company press release.

The new e-Commerce site features the full catalog Eclipse-branded apparel, accessories and outerwear. In addition to offering dynamic product images and multiple views, the site also features a “shop this outfit” component, which is designed to provide shoppers with product recommendations based on the latest fashion trends.

“We are very proud to provide the same quality shopping experience with our new e-Commerce site as found in our stores,” said Genevieve Bulgin, Director of Retail Operations at Eclipse Stores. “Using the tools available to us through OrderDynamics, we’ve been able to greatly expand our business, and extend our commitment to customer service across Canada with our online channel.”



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