E-Commerce Marketplace Platform Adds PIM Tools

Mirakl, a SaaS platform for brands and retailers operating e-Commerce marketplaces, unveiled its Mirakl Catalog Manager (MCM) at Shoptalk 2018. MCM provides marketplace operators with critical product information management tools, enabling them to collaborate with sellers to improve product data quality and consistency, which, in turn, increases buyer confidence.

MCM has been designed to manage the unique complexities of marketplace product data quality at scale. This includes data ingestion from many different sellers, inconsistent product data quality across sellers and the creation of collaboration spaces in which sellers can enrich product data.

In addition, MCM gives merchants the ability to control marketplace assortment by product data quality, ensuring that products with data or regulatory issues are avoided in the online selection.


Other key features of MCM include:

  • Product catalog buffering: Identifies and ingests only incremental differences rather than the complete catalog each time;
  • Product deduplication: Creates one master catalog without duplication from multiple sellers;
  • Product content consolidation: Creates a single, high-quality product record by combining content from multiple sellers;
  • Digital asset management: Manages references (e.g. URLs) to product imagery to ensure proper control, conversion and publication to the marketplace; and
  • Product moderation: Allows the operator to decide which products to accept or reject for the marketplace assortment.

“In a marketplace, where the product data comes from many different sellers and content providers, the volume and quality of product data is extremely difficult to manage,” said Adrien Nussenbaum, Co-founder and U.S. CEO of Mirakl in a statement. “Without addressing this issue, marketplace operators risk confusing and frustrating online buyers, for whom accurate and rich product data is one of the biggest drivers of conversion and satisfaction.”

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