Cole Haan Implements Communications Portal From Opterus

ColeHaanLuxury retailer Cole Haan is implementing Store Ops-Center from Opterus as its communications and task management solution.

The Opterus Store Ops-Center solution is designed to manage and execute store tasks and communications. Using the cloud-based solution, Cole Haan will be able to measure, analyze and improve operational compliance, communicate corporate policy, manage day-to-day objectives and tasks, and handle issues between the corporate office and store locations. 

“We operate over 100 stores across the United States, so having access to a reliable and easy-to-use store communications portal is critical to maintaining seamless day-to-day store operations,” said Andrea Barcia, Manager of Retail Communications at Cole Haan. “We chose Opterus because they truly understand the needs of a specialty retailer. The Opterus team has provided us with world-class service and support as we prepare to implement the solution, and we look forward to expanding the functionality of our store portal as the Store Ops-Center solution adds additional capabilities.” 




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