China Offers ‘Strong Financial Support’ to Help Boost Recycling of Household Appliances

Seeking to increase consumer recycling of used household appliances, the Chinese government has pledged to update regulations and provide “strong financial support for large-scale equipment renewals and trade-ins of consumer goods,” according to a statement by the English-language channel of the country’s State Council. The government’s plan is to boost the recycling percentage of household appliances 30% by 2027 compared to 2023.

The central government’s plan also calls on local governments to provide funds supporting recycling efforts, including creating recycling systems for renewable resources. Additionally, the government is encouraging home appliance manufacturers and local governments to offer subsidies or preferential policies for consumers purchasing or trading in for green and smart home appliances.

Beijing had launched similar types of trade-in programs as a way to boost domestic consumption in 2009 and 2010, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Recycling of home appliances represents a major potential market in China. Ministry of Commerce data showed that by 2023, more than 3 billion units of refrigerators, air conditioners and washers were in use in the country.


“Large-scale equipment renewals and consumer goods trade-ins represent a key direction for boosting circular economy development, and are of great significance to accelerate the formation of green production and lifestyles,” said Jia Shaoqian, Chairman of Chinese home appliance manufacturer Hisense Group in a statement.

Another appliance manufacturer, Haier Group, is stepping up efforts to recycle appliances; the company already dismantles approximately 2 million units annually, recycling 30,000 metric tons of material.

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