Bulletin Board: Week of 6-20-2011

Dollar General Selects DemandTec As Its Pricing Partner

Dollar General Corporation selected DemandTec to manage and optimize pricing across more than 9,500 stores. With DemandTec Lifecycle Price Optimization, Dollar General will be able to control new items, regular retails, promoted items and clearance items. “We built our business on the basis of long-term partnerships with our customers and we look forward to bringing that level of service to Dollar General and supporting their strategic merchandising objectives,” said Dan Fishback, President and CEO of DemandTec in a press release. Dollar General’s first quarter 2011 sales and earnings showed the company’s net income increased by 15% to $157 million and the adjusted net income rose 14% to $166 million. In addition, sales have increased by 11% from the previous year while same-store sales were up 5%.

Revionics Teams Up With Wipro Technologies To Deliver Price Optimization

Revionics has announced a partnership with Wipro Technologies to deliver price optimization solutions to retailers worldwide. The partnership will enable Revionics to deliver full range of analytic and implementation services. According to Marc Hafner, President and CEO of Revionics, the partnership with Wipro will extend its price optimization technologies value to new regions and new customers. Revionics’ client base includes more than 20,000 stores using its life cycle price optimization solution which encompasses base price, promotion and markdown optimization. The solution evaluates and predicts consumer shopping behavior, enabling retailers to build and execute a retail pricing strategy designed to improve revenue, profit and customer loyalty.




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