Bloomingdale’s Ties Training To $3 Million In Savings

Bloomingdale’s Ties Training To $3 Million In Savings

Bloomingdale’s has been using the Axonify Microlearning Platform for associate training since 2013, but the retailer could not quantify the financial impact of the program until the recent addition of a new product, called Axonify Impact. With this functionality, Bloomingdale's was able to tie its safety and asset protection training program directly to $3 million in savings in one year. The savings were attributed to a reduction in safety claims among store associates.

“At Bloomingdale’s, we’re always digging deeper into the effectiveness of our training programs and content to understand exactly how they impact business results,” said Chad McIntosh, VP Asset Protection and Risk Management of Bloomingdale’s in a statement. “We can now easily identify where learning has benefitted our company, because we can tie training efforts directly back to business results.”

The business objective for Bloomingdale’s was to reduce General Liability and Worker’s Compensation claims. Employees could access the training via POS terminals within the stores as well as tablets and desktop computers, and 90% of eligible associates opted into the voluntary program.

The Impact learning attribution engine is designed to pinpoint which learning programs are generating results, and by how much. Once organizations are able to measure the impact of training, they can be more proactive, for example shifting content or other aspects of the program to improve results.

Impact is powered by data that is collected as employees engage and interact with the platform. Built-in machine learning capabilities identify knowledge gaps and automatically adapt the training to the employees that need it the most, in the areas that matter most to the company — such as enhancing customer service, boosting sales or lowering expenses.

Watch a video of Bloomingdale’s Chad McIntosh discussing the retailer’s success with personalized, gamified training.

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