Bloomingdale’s Rotating ‘Carousel’ Concept Launches Thematic Video Walls

Bloomingdale’s has added two high-definition floor-to-ceiling video walls within its“Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s” store-within-a-store Manhattan boutique. The Carousel debuted as a fixture in the 59th Street flagship store in fall 2018 and is designed to rotate themes every two months. Float4, a Montreal-based design studio, developed the video walls to provide shoppers with a unique, curated visual landscape.

The Carousel’s inaugural theme was titled Urban Explorer and featured carefully curated products including stylish bicycle helmets, electronics, personal care items, luggage and more. To encapsulate the aesthetic, Float4 captured live footage throughout New York City of “urban explorers” wearing and using some of the theme’s stand-out products.

“As the retail landscape changes, we continually seek innovative ways to engage our customer,” said Frank Berman, EVP and CMO at Bloomingdale’s in a statement. “The Carousel allows Bloomingdale’s to regularly offer up new products, new brands and an original immersive experience, all tied to a timely and engaging theme. The engulfing screens create a cocoon-like feel, virtually transporting guests to new destinations, while the combination of unexpected product, unique shopping environment and engaging experiences makes the Carousel like no other pop-up shop in the world.”


Float4 will develop six pieces of content for the Carousel’s first year, mixing live action footage and real-time graphics. Each piece will be approximately 10 minutes long, allowing customers to experience an entire storyline while shopping. Guest experts will curate the accompanying product selections.

The present experience, themed around Valentine’s Day, debuted on Jan. 10. The department store has turned to Darcy Miller, author and Founding Editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, to create a limited-edition “Celebrate Love” collection of her own designs as well as a selection of pieces from other companies.



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