Birchbox Tops Monthly Rankings Of E-Commerce Site Health

Birchbox Tops Monthly Rankings Of E-Commerce Site Health

The Online Store Health & Usability (OSHU) Index, designed to rank online retailers with user experience metrics, identified Birchbox as its top performer for October 2017. The subscription retailer scored 99.6 out of a possible 100 points.

These scores are calculated using a proprietary algorithm from Shoppimon that is based on four factors:
• Average site speed;
• Slowdowns and their severity;
• Issues and their severity; and
• General store stability.

The top 10 performers for October are:

1. Birchbox
2. Summit Racing Equipment
3. Dollar Shave Club
4. saatva
5. Toyota
6. Sears
8. Ritani
9. The Home Depot
10. Avon

“A score as high as Birchbox’s reflects a nearly flawless on-site shopping experience,” according to the OSHU site. Visitors to the site are likely to experience:

1. Average response times of 0.12 seconds;
2. Full load times averaging 0.20 seconds;
3. Zero purchase blocking issues;
4. Zero severe slowdowns;
5. Only minor issues, such as missing design elements, which often go unnoticed by customers; and
6. A consistently positive on-site experience.

The OSHU Index, introduced in September, ranks the world’s top online stores in relation to others across the e-Commerce space as well as direct competitors in their retail category. Nearly 100 retailers are listed in the complete index.

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