Aptos Offers Amazon Pay To Retail Clients

Aptos Offers Amazon Pay To Retail Clients

Aptos has partnered with Amazon Pay to enable retailer clients to offer Amazon Pay Multi-Currency as a payments option, and to extend the platform to consumers overseas.

With Amazon Pay, retailers leveraging the Aptos Digital Commerce platform can now offer shoppers the option to pay for online orders using the information already stored in their Amazon account.

In recent months, various Aptos Digital Commerce customers, including Mint Velvet and, were able to successfully test Amazon Pay processing before it was generally available across the platform provider’s customer base.

“By working together with Aptos and Amazon Pay, has enhanced the speed and efficiency of the checkout process, as our customers no longer need to re-enter credit card and address details when using Amazon Pay,” said Liz McNamara, Marketing Director at in a statement. “As an additional benefit, the widely recognized and trusted Amazon brand gives customers increased shopping confidence.”

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