Amazon Hints At Location For Second Seattle Go Store

Amazon Hints At Location For Second Seattle Go Store

Amazon has reportedly chosen a location for a second Amazon Go cashierless store in its home town of Seattle. According to a statement provided to GeekWire, the new store, in downtown Seattle’s Madison Centre office tower, will open in fall 2018. The 36-story office tower, which opened last year, is located near the Seattle Public Library’s central library, a landmark building designed by Rem Koolhaas.

According to permit filings with the city of Seattle, the new Amazon Go store will be approximately 3,000 square feet, larger than the 1,800-square-foot original store located on the ground floor of Amazon’s headquarters. This pilot store opened to Amazon employees in late 2016, and to the general public in January 2018.

Amazon has reportedly selected two locations for Amazon Go stores in Chicago and one in San Francisco, but has not provided details about when they will open. Earlier this year, Amazon reportedly held talks with billionaire developer Rick Caruso to bring a Go store to Los Angeles, but since then, no more has been heard about a Southern California venue.

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