Adidas Gauges The Value Of Mobile Store Locator Clicks With iProspect

Adidas chose iProspect, a digital marketing strategist, to estimate the value of each store locator click on the mobile web site. The goal for adidas is to understand and leverage the power of mobile to reach on-the-go consumers.

“Adidas has always felt like mobile is the right thing to do,” said Nicole Mills, Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Ecommerce at adidas. Mobile implementation “is really the ability to connect the investment to the return.”

Prior to collaborating with iProspect, adidas was able to track when a consumer made a conversion via the e-Commerce channel. Now adidas can apply these estimates based on the consumer’s mobile engagement to net a positive ROI.


Findings from the collaboration include:

  • 1 out of every 5 consumers who visited the mobile site store locator page went into an adidas store;
  • 4% of those who clicked on an adidas store locator translated into an actual sale; and
  • Each adidas store locator click on mobile is worth $3.20.
“If we look at a 1:1 response or 1:1 measurement of what our media budget is driving on a mobile site, we’re missing a big part of that picture,” said Kerri Smith, Head of Mobility at iProspect, in a Google Mobile Ads post. “As performance marketers, a lot of the times we look at direct response, and what mobile is requiring us to do is redefine direct response.” For example, according to the post, for a hypothetical mobile investment of $1 million, in-store sales from store locator clicks was an extra $1.58 million beyond direct mobile purchases.

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