80 Brands Offering Mobile Storefronts Via ‘Swipe.Shop.’ for Holidays

Group Nine Media has launched a mobile commerce solution dubbed “Swipe.Shop” that will feature more than 80 bespoke digital storefronts and spotlight products/gifts for the holiday season. The mobile shopping experience will offer 50% of its products from small business owners, with 15% of all shelf space reserved for Black-owned businesses.

The mobile storefronts will be curated from editors across the five Group Nine brands (The Dodo, NowThis, POPSUGAR, Thrillist and Seeker), and they will be accessible via the brands’ websites. The popular brands reflect a number of different cultural categories, including food, entertainment, travel, pet care, fitness and wellness, fashion, pop culture, sustainability, news, activism, science, tech and education.

Sponsors can create Swipe.Shop storefronts that evoke their brand ethos and pair with a like-minded Group Nine brand. Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Batiste, Corona, e.l.f. Cosmetics, H&M, Kohl’s and Koolaburra by UGG are among the first brand partners to leverage Swipe.Shop.

“For this holiday shopping season, we saw a clear opportunity to bridge the gap between mass retail and small business,” said Anna Plaks, Chief Creative Officer of Group Nine in a statement. “Swipe.Shop’s unique offering allows users to dig into a massive collection of ever-evolving products across brands both large and small — and discover them through a purchase path not defined by traditional consumer categories, but curated by editorial and social insights. It reflects how people are actually shopping.”




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