WorkJam Acquires Peerio Technologies To Add More Secure Messaging

WorkJam, a digital workplace solution provider, has acquired employee communications software provider Peerio Technologies. The deal will add chat and secure document sharing to WorkJam’s existing team communication and workstream collaboration capabilities.

Peerio will provide WorkJam users with three different modes of communication:

  • Live Chat lets corporate employees, store-level managers and associates share messages or files instantly to communicate about day-to-day activities;
  • Channels allow for targeted messages to be sent to specific audiences, such as employees with a certain job or a those subscribed to a particular topic; and
  • Messaging allows communication to be sent directly to a particular user’s inbox.

The service allows employees to improve collaboration, whether that involves managers sharing a message with associates or office workers distributing files. All three forms of communication have been designed with security in mind, making the platform appropriate for sharing sensitive information.

“The secret sauce around Peerio is the level of security and encryption that surrounds all these technologies,” said Steven Kramer, CEO and Co-Founder of WorkJam in an interview with Retail TouchPoints at the 2019 NRF Big Show. “This is an important topic around digital workforce platforms, because a lot of different tools have taken the approach that it’s just chat. It’s not. You’re dealing with HR topics and you’re dealing with some very sensitive information, where security has to be top of mind.”


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