Unveiling the Future: Retail Product Trends in 2024

As we step into 2024, the retail industry is poised for a transformative year at brick-and-mortar locations, marked by innovative product trends that marry functionality with aesthetics. Industry thought leaders Harrison Horan of Banker Wire, Zach Adams of Bjelin and Jason Bird of Luxxbox explore the key design trends set to shape the retail space in the coming year.

1. Textured Metals for Refined Luxury

Banker Wire mesh at HOB, a luxury shopping destination in Abu Dhabi’s Dalma Mall

In the pursuit of creating retail spaces that are not only functional but also visually captivating, designers are turning to textured metals to refine the luxury shopping experience. One standout material making waves in this trend is golden and brass architectural wire mesh. Beyond its dazzling aesthetic, this mesh introduces a tactile dimension, offering a textured backdrop for displayed products. Often used in retail spaces as casings or in display shelving, the wire mesh seamlessly weaves other metals throughout the space and works well with lighting enhancement spotlights. Brands like Banker Wire have successfully integrated architectural wire mesh patterns into luxury shopping destinations, adding a touch of sophistication to back display walls, doors and counters.

For example, the design of HOB — a luxury shopping destination for perfumes, accessories and cosmetics in Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi — called for custom, quality materials that could meet both functional and aesthetic purposes. Banker Wire’s M22-22 mid-fill woven pattern was the ideal medium to be used as an interior decorative feature on the back display wall, doors and perfume stand counters.


2. A Resurgence of Wide-Plank Flooring


Bjelin flooring, Market Halls, Canary Wharf, London (Barry Willis Photography)

Flooring serves as the literal foundation of any room, setting the tone for the space. In retail, it’s crucial to create a welcoming, comfortable environment. Wide-plank flooring has gained popularity for its ability to impart warmth reminiscent of residential or hospitality settings. Its cozy, home-like feel enhances the in-person shopping experience, elevating customer comfort in retail spaces. Choosing wide planks creates an inviting ambiance that fosters a positive connection between customers and the retail environment.

Opting for wider planks also reduces material waste by requiring fewer cuts during installation, thus minimizing unused remnants. This efficiency decreases product waste, conserves resources and reduces the amount of wood needed in the space, aligning with brands’ larger sustainability goals.

3. Acoustic Lighting Solutions

Luxxbox acoustic lighting

Because loud noise and poor acoustics in retail environments can be distracting and irritating, acoustic lighting has become more prominent in retail settings. Acoustic lighting fixtures have been shown to reduce ambient noise by as much as 40% in echoey spaces like expansive retail environments. In addition to serving as an ambient light source, it can also soften background noise or remove echo entirely. Acoustic lighting is offered in a selection of beautiful, creative designs that blend into a plethora of spaces, making it a great opportunity to take advantage of the unused void between the store merchandise and the ceiling. Cutting down unwanted noise and increasing the capacity to hear welcomed sounds — like customer conversations, thereby allowing staff to interact better and respond to queries — creates a happier, more comfortable shopping experience.

The traditional retail model is giving way to environments that prioritize the customer journey, where the transactional aspect is seamlessly woven into a broader tapestry of brand storytelling and customer engagement. The retail space of tomorrow is not just a place to buy products; it’s a stage where brands unfold their stories and customers become active participants in a carefully orchestrated experience. All the senses are present in the retail experience. As we navigate the ever-changing landscape, the resonance of textured metals, the warmth of wide plank flooring and the serenity of acoustic lighting will continue to shape retail spaces.

Harrison Horan is VP of Marketing for Banker Wire, a leading player in the wire mesh industry, where he brings a wealth of experience and expertise with woven and welded wire mesh. After serving in the U.S. Navy, Horan began honing his strategic planning and business development skills within Banker Wire. He has worn every hat at the company, understanding the inner workings of producing, selling and marketing wire mesh throughout his career. Zach Adams serves as President and General Manager of Bjelin (formerly Välinge Flooring) and its sister company Välinge Innovation. As a business development professional on a mission to cultivate strong relationships with consumers, stakeholders and other partners within the industry, Zach capitalizes on his ability to negotiate, understand sales, strategize smart pricing, strengthen operation flow, increase marketability and foster team building and leadership management with the entire company. Jason Bird founded Luxxbox, where he currently serves as Creative Director, in 2006, designing and manufacturing furniture, lighting and objects for both commercial and domestic use His career launched in architectural lighting in Australia before he relocated to the U.S., where he designed for several major U.S. manufacturers. Now, in his own practice, Bird focuses on designs that embody a visual display of strength and explore negative space. Luxxbox has become a major manufacturer exporting his designs throughout Asia, Europe and North America.


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