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The C-Suite’s Perspective On Using Data To Boost In-Store Conversion

(Panelists: Bob Willett, Former CEO, Best Buy International & Chairman of the Board, Metapack)

Retailers have been collecting data within their brick-and-mortar stores for years, but have struggled to turn it into actionable insight. To succeed, retailers need to implement the tools that will help them understand their customers’ in-store experience and integrate that knowledge into their business. In this session, Bob Willett, former CEO for Best Buy’s international operations and consultant to many leading retailers, will share insights into their strides in changing the in-store experience to engage customers. First merchants must create efficiencies in the supply chain. Next they must improve in-store conversion by arming associates with real-time information and understanding high-velocity spots in the store.

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Moving Beyond CRM & BI To Improve The Customer Experience

(Panelists: Kevin Permenter, Aberdeen & Joe Dalton, Pivotlink)

The consumer is now driving the ways retailers respond to current product trends and customer service demands. Retailers need to shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric focus in order to compete with the variety of retail channels available to today’s connected shoppers. This session will focus on best-in-class strategies around using analytics to define customer segments and deliver a more personalized shopping experience.

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Bringing The Benefits Of The Online Experience Into The Store

(Panelists: Tate Fisher, Katalyst Group & Kris Parker, & Christopher Krywulak, iQmetrix)

Web applications, mobile technology and social networking sites have offered retailers new outlets to drive customer loyalty and engagement. However, the brick-and-mortar store still drives the majority of retail purchases. In order to create a more compelling in-store customer experience, best-in-class merchants are implementing interactive technologies within the fours walls of the store. Digital applications and technologies drive engagement, education and conversion, while delivering on the need for a consistent cross-channel brand experience. This session will offer best practices on how retailers can use virtual sales assistance and other interactive tools and to make the store the star of all cross-channel strategies.

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Embracing the Social Shopper

(Panelist: Christina Heggie, AT Kearney)

Male and female, young and old, a fast-growing number of today’s shoppers are tapping into social media to find product information, get deals, read reviews and share opinions on purchases. In order to meet the needs of these social shoppers, retail organization must join the social media fray. But to be successful in the social realm, merchants must carefully plan and execute a strategy that will appeal to their particular target audience. This session will provide top tips and tactics for retailers wanting to get up-to-speed on the latest and greatest social strategies.

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Mobilizing Store Associates To Motivate Sales

(Panelists: Steve Rowen, Retail Systems Research & Mary Anne Gunn, Motion Computing)

Mobile tools, such as tablet PCs, bring the information to the sales floor, so associates no longer need to walk away from their customers to find answers to questions. Additionally, with this data at their fingertips, associates can more effectively promote cross-sells and upsells. Join Steve Rowen from RSR Research along with Motion Computing in this upcoming webinar for a look at the key drivers of in-store sales enablement using mobile technology.

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Courting And Capturing The Mobile Consumer

(Panelist: Gary Schwartz, Impact Mobile)

The digital world is changing the way consumers view and participate in the shopping experience. As mobile technology becomes part of their everyday lives, shoppers expect to be able to use their smartphones to research and review products, and complete in-store purchases. To compete today, retailers must refocus their strategies, including adding digital spend to their ad budget, providing store associates with mobile devices and personalizing promotional messages. Join Gary Schwartz of Impact Mobile in this session to learn about how brands including Hot Topic, Estee Lauder and Coca-Cola are increasing conversion by engaging shoppers across channels.

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Creating Cohesive Cross-Channel Strategies

(Panelists: Martin Gill, Forrester Research & Rebecca Bucnis, Teradata)

While the store is still the hub of the majority of retail transactions, a complex web of channels contribute to the short- and long-term success for any retail brand. Savvy and smart retail organizations are embracing the concept of developing and delivering a cohesive cross-channel message and experience. During this session Martin Gill of Forrester Research will highlight some recent research and best-practice examples of retailers who have achieved cross-channel success.

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Transforming the Workforce from an Expense to a Competitive Advantage

(Panelists: Scott Knaul, Workforce Insight & Liz Moughan, Kronos)

The most successful store associates are brand ambassadors poised to win long-term customer loyalty and boost in-store conversions. Armed with mobile devices, store associates and managers can provide shoppers with the information they need to help close the sale. Workforce management should strive to optimize associate-to-shopper interactions in order to provide the best product expertise at the right time. Join Scott Knaul from Workforce Insights in this upcoming webinar that will help retailers empower associates, fuel employee retention and improve store profits.

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