CRM for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses: How Virtual Queueing Software Provides Valuable Customer Insights

We live in a data-driven age, and nowhere is data more important for your business than in your ability to know your customers. For brick-and-mortar locations, gathering the insights needed to deliver a truly personalized customer experience without a customer relationship management (CRM) platform can definitely be a challenge.

You might know roughly who your demographic is based on website interactions or order history, for example, but in-depth understanding of your buyers remains elusive. If you serve people face to face, you gain a competitive advantage by streamlining customer service, and you gain access to meaningful customer insights by implementing a virtual queue management system.

More Efficient Service

When customers check in for service, either remotely or on-site through a kiosk or QR code, the software leads them through a series of questions that identifies the service they need and the appropriate department or location. Workers are aware of what your buyer requires and can prepare the applicable products and services before they arrive.

Once your customer is in front of them, a staff member can complete transactions quickly and efficiently. Not only does your shopper receive more personalized service, but your employees can also serve more people without feeling overwhelmed.


Appropriate Staffing

Virtual queuing solutions provide a centralized dashboard accessible from any device, so leadership can track customer traffic patterns and high-volume seasonality and manage walk-ins. By utilizing real-time metrics like average wait times, the average amount of time it takes to serve a customer and more, supervisors can move workers from one area to another to cover a department that needs additional support.

And because staffing shortages don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, virtual queuing goes a long way toward alleviating some of the pressure your employees might feel in the face of customer demands by reducing or eliminating the size of a physical queue. Instead of worrying about the number of people waiting for service, they can focus on the person in front of them.

Employee Insights

Data pertaining to employee performance can help identify where systems and processes are working and where there is room for improvement. You’ll know which employees are most in demand, who is the most efficient and who might need additional training to bring their numbers up.

Queue management solution software is configured to meet the needs of your organization and even individual locations. The insight you gain can help inform employee training, recruiting, hours of operation and anything else you need that improves your customers’ experience.

Customer Insights

When your buyers add themselves to your virtual queue, they leave a trail of rich data you can mine to improve their experience, thereby boosting your brand reputation and increasing revenue. How, and how often, customers interact with the system gives you an understanding of their needs, wants and preferences.

You can deliver a personalized experience through tailored promotions before they ever arrive for service. And by understanding how many times they clicked on special offers sent to their smartphones, you can continue refining the content you send them.

After their transaction is completed, you can continue communicating with customers through surveys, identify VIP customers to route them for faster service and build historical data about them.

Important Components of Virtual Queue Solutions

When you evaluate virtual queuing systems, look for a centralized management dashboard, the ability to customize the software to meet your business’ changing needs, real-time reporting and mobile queuing that eliminates the need for yet another app. And because no one solution can solve for every business case, API integrations are key to keeping your operations running smoothly.

The benefits of utilizing a CRM for (in)valuable customer insights are myriad. You can make data-driven decisions that move your business forward, and virtual queuing solutions can help with data that dives into more efficient and effective customer service as well as what your buyers want and expect from your products and services.

President and Founder of Qtrac Yoni Lavi is responsible for the global operations of the company, bringing more than 10 years of experience. His experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service and driving profitable revenue growth. Lavi has successfully led strategic growth efforts at Qtrac in a variety of industries including retail, airline, construction, transportation, government, hospitality, banking, education, stadium and arena, healthcare and entertainment.

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