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Supply chain challenges are mounting for many retailers, especially those operating in multiple regions of the country and abroad. Consumers expect to be able to order and purchase products via any channel, then have them delivered to their channel of choice – and quickly! New technologies are providing the ways and means for merchants to deliver on the promise of omnichannel excellence. Now retailers must find the best ways to implement new solutions to stay competitive.

Mobile POS Helps Chocolatier Become A Portable Business

When it comes to managing their overall retail presence, SMB owners sometimes stretch themselves too thin as they try to serve multiple areas of the business at once. Because they often have a plethora of daily tasks to address, they may be forced to use manual processes that are outdated and stall the company’s growth.

As Co-Owners of Georgia-based chocolatier M Chocolat, sisters Maritza Pichon and Marlena Snyder sought a cloud-based system that could help them track sales, vendor relationships and inventory levels without consulting a part-time IT professional.


Is Fast Fashion Moving Too Fast?

Alicia head shotEver since I was a little girl, I have been a fan and follower of fashion. Why? Because I think it’s an effective way for people to convey their personality without saying a word. By wearing a specific color, silhouette or style, I can reveal what I’m thinking and feeling in that moment.

But over the past few years, there has been a significant shift in how a lot of consumers see fashion. Instead of being a representation of themselves and their lifestyles, it's merely a way for them to keep pace with the latest runway and celebrity trends. Hence the growth of fast fashion retailers such as Forever 21, H&M and Zara.


SGS Supply Chain Solution Powered By T Transparency Aims To Improve Supply Chain Visibility

In order to improve supply chain visibility, brands, manufacturers and suppliers must collaborate, communicate and constantly share product data.  

Trace One and SGS partnered to launch SGS Supply Chain Solution powered by T Transparency, a platform designed to improve these processes and provide organizations with visibility throughout the entire supply chain. The solution is built on a social network platform that enables the entire supply chain to communicate, verify data and assess risks in real time.


Orchestro Improves On-Shelf Availability And In-Store Promotion Execution

AS Orchestro ImageIssues related to on-shelf availability (OSA) can cost retailers and CPGs an exorbitant amount of money and hinder in-store inventory management processes. Improving OSA and promotion execution can save retailers and suppliers up to billions of dollars each year, resulting in improved margins and revenue.

Orchestro has released the latest version of its SaaS-based demand analytics platform, including ShelfSense, which enables CPG suppliers to proactively manage on-shelf availability through flexible, user-configurable exception rules.


Charming Charlie Selects Oracle Retail For Merchandising, Expansion

ccWomen’s contemporary jewelry and accessory retailer Charming Charlie has selected Oracle Retail Merchandising solutions to support both its immediate business needs and its international expansion plans.

Over a 13-month period beginning in late 2013, with the help of systems integrator and Oracle PartnerNetwork Gold level member, OLR, Charming Charlie implemented Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Oracle Retail Trade Management, Oracle Retail Price Management, Oracle Retail Invoice Match and Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management. The integrated Oracle Retail systems support best-in-class operations across areas such as inventory management, sales forecasting and pricing/markdown management.


The Top 15 Stories Of 2015 (So Far…)

topstoriesWe’re halfway through 2015 and Retail TouchPoints already has covered a plethora of new industry trends and best practices through our features, special reports, awards programs and proprietary surveys.

While the Apple Watch and Internet of Things (IoT) turned the heads of industry analysts and retail executives in a number of articles, the final top 15 list also includes a variety of topics that are relevant to all retail businesses, such as: Pricing, inventory management, customer service and loyalty programs.


The Merchant In The Machine

VP site only Predictix headshotThe retail trade has been around for thousands of years. For most of that time, local merchants brought in products to meet the needs and wants of their town’s population.

The face of retail has changed unrecognizably since those days, for better and worse.  Consumers have more choices than ever before, and a shopping experience their forebears would marvel at. But something precious has been lost in the process. With so many locations, so many options, and so many factors affecting consumer preferences and demand, today’s merchants are simply overwhelmed. Retailers all too often miss the mark, as evidenced by unacceptably high levels of out-of-stocks, markdowns, abandoned shopping carts and many other disconnects between retailers and their customers.


The Parcel Shipping Issues Keeping You Awake At Night

VP BirdDog headshotParcel shippers are facing a triple whammy in price increases this year against the backdrop of heady market growth. Industry innovators like Amazon continue to change the playing field while consumers enjoy more power than ever in a buying cycle that now operates around-the-clock.  

What does all this mean for parcel shipping? Simply put, getting packages to your customers in 2015 is more challenging than ever. Following are some issues that may keep you awake at night, but also included are some ideas on mitigating the impact to help you experience a more peaceful slumber.


Localizing Product Mix

VP site only Aparna Sundar head shotThe word “local” has been so overused in the business of retail that it has become nearly meaningless. It refers to a method of shopping, sourcing products and food, or unique, one-of-a-kind retailers. For the past decade, the retail industry has trended more and more local in the way it approaches its customers.

“Local food” choices and “shopping local” have become buzzwords pitched at consumers to encourage them to make environmentally healthful and economically sustainable choices when purchasing food or products from local purveyors and small businesses. But there is another form of “local” being embraced by large retailers outside the specialized niche of locally owned businesses: The localized product mix.

Read more... Partners With Retailers To Ease Shipping Costs

While browsing online, shoppers often strive to receive the best deal possible on the items they covet. Many consumers see free shipping as a benefit, however, few retailers can afford to offer this service at all times.

Clarus Commerce launched to provide subscribers with free shipping and 10% cash back on purchases from more than 1,000 retailers. subscribers pay more than $10 per month to receive a 90-day low-price guarantee and a price comparison tool that displays the lowest price on more than one million SKUs.


Askuity Mobile App Helps Improve In-Store Inventory Management

SS Askuity ImageMerchandising teams need all the help they can get while gathering information about their stores’ inventory levels. However, they don’t always have the time required to gather data and apply it to stores.

Askuity, an analytics solution provider focused on improving collaboration between retailers and product manufacturers, has released its Mobile App, which is positioned to extend data analytics to in-store employees. The Mobile App enables in-store merchandising teams from retailers and product suppliers to access real-time inventory data without having to rely on store-generated reports or dated spreadsheets delivered by headquarters.


JDA Software Announces Partnership With Google

jdagoogleJDA Software has developed a new partnership with Google in an effort to create the next generation of its cloud-based omnichannel and supply chain solutions.

Through this collaboration, Google is positioned to provide a scalable and flexible technology platform via the cloud to support JDA’s future application development and delivery. Google also will help JDA accelerate the development of its next-generation cloud solutions. Moving forward, Google’s cloud platforms will be developed out of JDA labs in Montreal, Canada.

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