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In order to be successful in today’s omnichannel retail marketplace, merchants must collect information from numerous internal and external sources, then analyze that data. New solutions can help to optimize incoming data in order to deliver the business intelligence and analytics needed to move retail businesses successfully into the future. This section offers feature articles, special reports, industry viewpoints and the latest news to help retailers make sense out of the growing influx of information.

Going Native: How This Advertising Format Is Changing The Game

The retail advertising landscape is perpetually evolving, driven by the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, and the demand for access to rich content, social channels and videos on mobile devices. With 68% of Americans already owning a smartphone, optimizing ads for mobile has become an essential part of any high-achieving advertising campaign, leading more and more big-name publishers and digital-only outlets to offer brands the opportunity to place sponsored content on their platforms. However, poor quality, interruptive and annoying adverts are driving a surge in ad blocker downloads, making it essential for advertisers to produce interesting and relevant content that will appeal to consumers.

How To Use New Marketing Tools And Analytics To Boost Customer Engagement: #RSP16 On Demand

From creating an "advocate army" to maximizing the benefits of location information, retailers are finding new ways to optimize both internal and external data. Close to 1,000 retail executives joined the #RSP16 Retail Strategy and Planning webinar series last week to tap into the latest tools and trends. Key takeaways included: Cart Abandonment messaging is now the most profitable email strategy; Even though they account for less than 19% of web traffic, "bad" bots are responsible for the majority of web site problems; On average, 50% of a database has opted out or is unreachable; and As many as 40% of merchants not sharing their POS or inventory data with any of their suppliers. To learn more, read the recaps below and view all sessions on demand: Retail Strategy and Planning Series #RSP16.

Finish Line Blends Online And Offline Data To Personalize Emails

Leveraging data from customers' in-store and online activities to create more personalized email communications, Finish Line has expanded its customer base while simultaneously boosting open rates by more than 15%. "We're using as much data as we can to send emails that are as personalized and to the point as we can," said Scott Posilkin, CRM and Retention Digital Email Strategist for the sports and activewear apparel and footwear retailer. The result is that Finish Line is reaching more customers in segments the company is targeting, without suffering reductions in either click-through rates or open rates.

Zaelab Releases Magento-To-SAP Hybris Conversion Kit

Zaelab has released a Magento-to-SAP Hybris conversion kit designed specifically for B2C and B2B companies that have outgrown their Magento platform and want to take advantage of the features, functionality, and scalability of SAP Hybris. The conversion kit is a pre-built migration framework that quickly converts business data from the Magento platform to the SAP Hybris platform. Catalogs, products, inventory, categories, customers, orders and other critical data can be migrated swiftly to SAP Hybris. Hires Walmart Exec For Demand Fulfillment Role

Vidya Jwala, most recently VP of Merchandising and Operations at Walmart, has been named Senior Vice President of Demand Fulfillment for He will be responsible for overseeing sourcing, merchandising, supply chain and customer care businesses for the e-Commerce retailer. Prior to his stint at Walmart, Jwala held leadership positions at the Tractor Supply Company, Lowe's Companies and Jo-Ann Stores.

Oracle Takes Shot At Amazon With Continued Cloud Migration

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Amazon has benefitted greatly from its cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and now Oracle is seeking to up the competition with added functionalities for its cloud infrastructure offerings. The new emphasis comes as the technology giant aims to pivot from a seller of software licenses to a business more…

APT Releases Shopper Targeting Module: Test & Learn For Customers

APT has released its Test & Learn for Customers with Enhanced Loyalty, cloud-based software designed to provide organizations with a 360-degree view of customer spending behavior. Test & Learn for Customers can assist targeting decisions across marketing, promotional and operational programs.

#RSP16 Webinar Series Delivers Strategy And Planning Insights

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The #RSP16 Retail Strategy & Planning webinar series offers a concentrated burst of information, insights and best practices for retail decision-makers. Over four days, from Sept. 19-22, Retail TouchPoints will present seven webinars on some of the industry's hottest topics, including: • Using location data to boost business results; • Harnessing distributed analytics to drive revenue, CX and supply chain excellence; • Building an "advocate army"; and • Safeguarding your e-Commerce business from the ravages of data-scraping "bots".

Predictive Analytics: Looking For The Next Big Thing

Consumer trends change quickly and often unexpectedly, and consumer-facing companies struggle to keep up and change strategies to take advantage of what's trending. Gap saw sales of denim falling, and is making a big bet on its new Athleta brand. Whole Foods is embracing a new format in response to a demand for more affordable quality. Every major consumer company in the world has a staff that reports on the latest trends to see what the "next big thing" may be.  But companies that create strategies in response to today’s hot trends may already be behind the curve the minute those strategies are executed. Some trends are destined to be short-lived, some become table stakes and don’t give any competitive advantage by the time products hit the market. A better strategy is to apply foresight analytics to predict what trends will be important to your products and consumers in the future — and even predict big future trends well before they emerge in the “top 10”. This predictive approach, which combines mathematical rigor to business strategy, goes deeper than simply analyzing current trends on Twitter, or looking at past performance to predict the future.

Experiential Retail: The Act And Art Of Millennial Shopping

“To the best ladies’ night ever! Thanks MatchesFashion!” The six women raised their champagne flutes on the garden rooftop and took a quick selfie, before proceeding into the SoHo loft in NYC to shop for $3,000 Chloe dresses and get their hands on the season’s hottest Aquazzura pon pon sandals. The line defining their shopping excursion versus their social outing had completely blurred, but what was evident was they were having a memorable (and brag-worthy) experience at the exclusive MatchesFashion Residency. It is a concept brands have been attempting to get right with sports and entertainment marketing for years: becoming completely entwined in a consumer’s experience and elevating the impression of their brand, and customer spending, in the process. But in the past, that touchpoint occurred in the front row at Madison Square Garden or courtside at the AT&T Center. In order to attract and create loyalty with millennial shoppers, retailers are now flipping this concept on its head and bringing the experience directly to their customers. There are plenty of definitions out there of Experiential Retail, ranging from virtual reality to store layouts, pop-up shops to in-store cafes. But for those retailers who are truly getting it right, I’d…

Optimove Integrates With Google Ads To Boost Customer Retention

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[Editor's Note: This article has been edited since its original publication to reflect updated information.] Customer Marketing Cloud Optimove has announced an integration with DoubleClick by Google, designed to add customer retention capabilities to its customer acquisition solution. By targeting existing customers through personalized ads on and across the…

Wayfair Boosts Click-Throughs And Traffic With Optimized Search Ads

Online retailers want lots of people to click through the ads they place on search engines, but what they really need is lots of the right people to click on their ads. The "right" people are those who actually are interested in the e-Tailer's products, and who could be motivated to complete a purchase. Furniture retailer Wayfair has worked with the Yahoo Gemini platform to optimize its search ads since May 2015, and has achieved strong results both in generating clicks and attracting good prospects. Wayfair's click-through rate (CTR) is 240% higher than the retail industry benchmark, and the overall quality of those clicking also has been high.

New Index Taps Promotions Data From 500 U.S. Retailers

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RetailMeNot has launched its Promotions Index, which aggregates average promotions data from the top 500 U.S. retailers across 19 retail categories. The Index also will report on the level of consumer engagement with retail promotions. There's a strong need for such data, according to a survey of 110 retail marketers…

Ugam Extends Brand Intelligence To Help Retailers Optimize Channel Relationships

Ugam has extended its Brand Intelligence platform, a solution designed to assist brands in optimizing their profitability, reputation and channel relationships by providing them with data and insights critical for monitoring their products’ online channel prices, presentation and promotions. The extension builds upon the offering with a suite of new capabilities that retailers can leverage to make intelligent business decisions, including:

Moving From Omnichannel to Digital Transformation

The impact of the digital economy has created challenges for all CEOs, particularly for those in the retail sector. What began as a quest to create the perfect customer experience has made retailers turn their attention to building a superior omnichannel environment, to keep up with the proliferation of touch points and to meet the ever-changing shopping habits of consumers. Recently, Stibo Systems conducted a comprehensive research study to learn more about the state of the digital transformation and the key benefits and challenges companies from various industry verticals and regions have faced. What we found is that three-quarters of all respondents (75%) claimed that they were currently undertaking a digital transformation project, while nearly three out of five (59%) said their organization was investing more in related transformational activities in 2015 vs. what was spent the previous year.
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