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In order to be successful in today’s omnichannel retail marketplace, merchants must collect information from numerous internal and external sources, then analyze that data. New solutions can help to optimize incoming data in order to deliver the business intelligence and analytics needed to move retail businesses successfully into the future. This section offers feature articles, special reports, industry viewpoints and the latest news to help retailers make sense out of the growing influx of information.

Mobile Ads Drive Twice The Sales Of Desktop Ad Campaigns

mobileadvertisingMobile has become a massive part of the average consumer’s everyday life, and as such, retailers have to adjust their experience to the medium. In particular, marketers and advertisers alike must further study the technology to better understand how they should appropriately allocate their budget.

An effective mobile campaign can be a lucrative option for companies that focus on the medium. In fact, mobile advertising generates more than double the sales of its desktop counterparts, according to a report from 4INFO and Catalina. Total sales per 1,000 impressions reaches $29.90 for the average mobile advertising campaign, compared to $13.10 for desktop campaigns.


Sales Down, But Sales Per Shopper Up For Physical Stores

instoretrafficThe spring season has been one of mixed emotions for brick-and-mortar retailers. Merchants boosted year-over-year average transaction value (ATV) and sales per shopper (SPS), but lost sales and traffic numbers in March and April 2015.

In the two month span, sales and traffic rates respectively fell 5.2% and 9.4%, according to the Retail Performance Pulse from RetailNext. At the same time, ATV jumped 2.5%, SPS leapt 4.7% and conversion rates increased 0.7%.


Oracle Solutions Help IT Departments Adapt To Industry Trends

SS Oracle ImageIT departments are tasked with the challenge of adapting to new technology and shopping trends. Although they need to constantly embrace new solutions and business capabilities, they also need to maintain existing systems.  

Oracle has unveiled a series of Oracle Retail Cloud Services to help merchants make consistent upgrades to their internal operations, while enabling internal IT departments to focus on differentiating the customer experience and driving growth.


The Children’s Place Adopts Quantum Analytics For Size And Pack

ChildrensPlaceThe Children’s Place, a specialty retailer of children’s apparel and accessories, has selected Q Analytics for Size and Pack Optimization from Quantum Retail Technology. This is the third Quantum solution the Children’s Place has scheduled to implement, including Q for Allocation and Replenishment and Q for Order Planning.

Q Analytics for Size and Pack is designed to calculate size profiles by item based on customer demand. The system then computes the optimal store pack configuration of merchandise to help align the buying quantity and pack distribution with projected store need.


GoSpotCheck Streamlines Field Audit And Survey Execution

SS GoSpotCheck ImageDuring their scheduled audit routine, sales reps and merchandisers often must gather data around specific products, inventory levels and pricing. This data, whether tracked through spreadsheets, paper forms or photos, can be difficult to analyze once it is sent back to management.

Mobile data collection software from GoSpotCheck enables brands to streamline their sales and merchandising team’s surveys, audits and reports. Retailers can provide the GoSpotCheck mobile app to their sales teams to get real-time information on merchandising, product line performance and competitive research.


Only 6% Of Marketers Have Captured A Single View Of Customers

RR Signal ImageOnly 6% of marketers say they have attained a single view of customers to support their cross-channel marketing goals, according to a study from Signal. However, 90% of marketers understand that achieving a single view across all touch points and devices is important or essential to reaching these goals.

Signal conducted an online survey between January and March 2015 to garner insights from 171 marketing professionals in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. Marketers in the retail and consumer durables industry represented 24% of the respondents — the highest of any other industry. One third of survey respondents said they integrate multiple purchased solutions in-house to capture a single customer view, while the same amount of respondents said they use a combination of in-house and external solutions.


Advance Auto Parts Selects Teradata For Analytics Optimization

Advance Auto PartsAdvance Auto Parts, an automotive aftermarket parts provider, has selected Teradata as its Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) provider. Leveraging EDW, Advance Auto Parts will be equipped to aggregate data from multiple sources in order to perform advanced analytics and boost business results.

The Teradata platform at Advance Auto Parts includes testing as well as production and will leverage the Teradata Americas Data Migration Center of Expertise. The Teradata team worked collaboratively with Advance Auto Parts to develop the benchmark environment.


ShopperTrak Taps Former Ericsson Exec For CTO Position

Adan PopeShopperTrak, a provider of consumer behavior insights and location-based analytics, has appointed Adan K. Pope as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Prior to joining ShopperTrak, Pope served as VP of Technology and CTO for the Business Unit Support Solutions at Ericsson. During his tenure at Ericsson, Pope was responsible for leading the overall vision and strategy of the unit.


True Religion Implements Order Management And BI Solutions From Epicor

TrueReligionPremium denim designer and clothier True Religion is expanding its partnership with Epicor by implementing the Epicor QuantiSense Retail Business Intelligence solution and the Epicor ShopVisible cloud retail order management solution.

True Religion initially deployed numerous solutions from the Epicor Retail SaaS engagement model in 2013, including: Epicor Retail Store (POS), Mobile Store, Merchandising, CRM and Enterprise Selling. The retailer benefited from a 40% cycle time reduction in retail technology implementations.


Independent Running Retailers Of Canada Improves Data Integrity And Timeliness With Askuity

In order to improve business practices such as merchandising, marketing and the overall customer experiences, retailers require timely access to accurate and actionable data. However, many retailers lack this real-time data connection, which leads to lost business opportunities.

The Independent Running Retailers of Canada (IRRC) is trying to improve the data connection by leveraging Askuity, a Big Data analytics platform designed to connect retailers and product manufacturers with insight and information. As a coast-to-coast alliance of locally owned, community-driven specialty running stores, IRRC aims to share knowledge, experience and business best practices with all members, according to Nowshad Ali, Executive Director of IRRC.


ShippingEasy AutoShip Helps Streamline Shipping Processes

To scale their businesses, online sellers have to manage and streamline shipping processes, which can be tedious and prone to errors. The time it takes to print labels and ship products out can add up over the course of a year, and can be frustrating during peak selling periods such as the holiday season.

E-Commerce shipping solution provider ShippingEasy has released AutoShip, a predictive analytics solution that uses advanced algorithms to automate shipping-related decisions to help improve operational efficiency.


Leveraging The Internet Of Things And Supply Chain Intelligence To Drive Superior Customer Experiences

Stibo head shotRetailers today are facing serious competitive pressures. The adoption of new sales channels, the abundance of product options and the emergence of mass personalization are driving consumer expectations and price sensitivity, which, erodes brand loyalty. Managing and synchronizing information across channels continues to be a pressing yet challenging priority for retailers, particularly those looking to implement an omnichannel strategy.

Today more than ever, savvy retailers are turning to technology in an effort to streamline processes and create a better customer experience. In order to fully leverage real-time intelligence, many retailers are applying a concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT). This is essentially a giant network of “things” that are connected to the Internet and/or to each other. More specifically, it is a network of physical objects containing embedded technology that allows it to communicate or detect the relationship between people-people, people-things, and things-things.


Teikametrics Acquires Lab Escape

teikametricsTeikametrics, a provider of pricing and inventory optimization solutions for Amazon third-party sellers, has acquired Lab Escape, which provides heat map visual data discovery software.

By integrating the Lab Escape software into its suite of analytics tools, Teikametrics is positioned to help e-Commerce retailers leverage Big Data to solve valuable problems, according to Alasdair McLean-Foreman, CEO of Teikametrics.

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