Walmart Introduces Renewable Natural Gas Engine into its Transportation Fleet

Walmart has advanced its commitment to a zero-emissions transportation fleet with the debut of a 15-liter compressed natural gas engine that will be incorporated into Walmart’s vehicles. The X15N engine, supplied by Cummins and fueled by Chevron, uses compressed natural gas (CNG) linked to renewable natural gas. The first truck will make an inaugural trip from Indiana to California with pit stops along the way to refuel at Chevron stations.

The new engine, which will initially be rolled out to five trucks, utilizes renewable natural gas instead of diesel to fuel its engine. The gas is produced from captured, processed and treated biomethane from decomposing organic matter, including cow manure and landfill waste. Methane that is not captured and processed is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat within the atmosphere.

“Walmart transportation is focused on the continuous piloting of solutions that aren’t just changing the industry, but are having a lasting impact on the world,” said Fernando Cortes, SVP of Transportation at Walmart in a statement. “We are proud to team with Cummins and Chevron to develop industry-leading advancements that pave toward a lower carbon future.”

Walmart’s ultimate goal is to achieve zero emissions across global operations by 2040. The company has been experimenting with autonomous electric vehicles since 2020, and other sustainability-focused initiatives include partnering with P&G to offer free in-store recycling collection for beauty packaging at 25 locations; making an investment in and entering a strategic partnership with Plenty Unlimited, an indoor vertical farming company; and launching a dedicated site for refurbished items.


The retailer also is aiming to help others live more sustainably by installing EV charging stations at thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club locations, in addition to the 1,300 fast charging stations in place at more than 280 facilities today. The company sees its stores as a prime location for chargers, as visitors can shop or eat while they wait for their batteries to charge up.

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