The Paradies Shops Taps BI Tools From Information Builders To Fuel Continued Growth

A complete business intelligence (BI) platform allows retailers to address a specific store’s unique needs based on consumer preferences and purchase behaviors. As a result, retailers can fuel growth more efficiently and create a more enjoyable in-store experience. In an effort to better manage its data warehouse, The Paradies Shops, an airport concessionaire operating more than 550 stores in 75-plus airports and hotels across the U.S. and Canada, partnered with Information Builders, a provider of BI software and solutions.

Utilizing the WebFOCUS platform, The Paradies Shops gleans insight on rich, consumable and interactive information to make store associates and managers more educated on store developments. The solution provides tools to track and share actionable data for merchandising and operations. As a result, the retailer responds to issues and trends in a timelier manner, Tony Dudek, VP and CIO of The Paradies Shops, told Retail TouchPoints.

“Several factors played into the decision to implement WebFOCUS,” Dudek said. “Information Builders provides an intuitive user interface and a true BI tool, not just data discovery and gimmicky graphics. Overall, the platform was aligned with our direction and overall growth.”


By teaming with Information Builders, The Paradies Shops can better track real-time customer data and its inventory, financial and vendor management. Store managers now can receive parameterized reporting, detailed data dashboards and scorecards, an extreme progression from the retailer’s past processes, according to Dudek.

“Initially, accessing data in a timely and meaningful fashion was difficult, which led to the proliferation of extracts into spreadsheets and the associated loss of control over structures and calculations,” Dudek explained. The retailer also is utilizing WebFOCUS’ mobile features, developed to provide users with instant access to reports and analytics via tablet and smartphone. This capability provides managers with actionable insight instantly, he added.

“Information Builders gives us the opportunity to present the data and keep performance indicators in a consistent and approved structure with drill-down capability,” Dudek said. “The mobile functions, such as the ability to access the toolset from a tablet, also is critical for our location managers. The interactive dashboards will provide the path to reduce our dependence on reports.”

Through detailed analysis of real-time data, The Paradies Shops optimizes merchandising strategies, as well as pricing and markdown processes. As a result, the retailer can keep pace with trends and ensure product assortments are consistent with consumer demand.

“Information Builders’ BI platform will provide The Paradies Shops with the capability to bring its data to life and enhance the power to manage business proactively,” said Jake Freivald, VP of Marketing for Information Builders.

With in-depth visibility into customer behaviors, The Paradies Shops can create a more personalized, engaging experience in-store, Freivald added. “A key advantage for companies managing shops across diverse markets is a detailed data management platform, which only can be provided by sophisticated BI tools,” he said. “With WebFOCUS, the retailer also will improve store performance and the overall customer experience across multiple channels.”

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